King tide and large swells create dangerous conditions along Bay coastline

Monday, 25 January 2016

Lifeguards are calling for caution along the Bay coastline today as a king tide and large swells have created dangerous conditions.

Surf Life Saving Eastern Region Lifesaving Manager Leigh Sefton says beach-goers should take extra care and stay away from the water's edge.

"People shouldn't consider swimming in these conditions we're experiencing at the moment," he says.

At Mount Maunganui, lifeguards have already moved some children to safety that were close to being swept out by large waves.

The king tide has waves rolling up as high as the grass banks and the Mount base track, which the council has temporarily closed along with Leisure Island.

Lifeguards are advising people to stay out of the water and, as there is no area considered safe for swimming at present, there is no flagged patrol area running until the conditions are reassessed throughout the day.

"Lifeguards are still around the clubhouse, so don't be afraid to go and talk to them and ask for any advice. A flagged patrol area will be set up as soon as it is deemed safe to do so."

Mr Sefton says the king tides and large swells are creating dangerous conditions along much of the Bay coastline and up through to the Coromandel. 

"Currently, the waves at Whiritoa are around 8-10 foot, he says.

"If you are out along the Bay coastline today, please be vigilant and on high alert for large incoming waves and make sure children are kept within arm's reach at all times.

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A king tide and large swells have created dangerous conditions along the Bay coastline today, including Mount Maunganui.

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