Testing conditions for first day of International Surf Rescue Challenge

Friday, 4 September 2015

Testing conditions made for a tough but positive start to the International Surf Rescue Challenge on Australia's Sunshine Coast yesterday.

The Black Fins are sitting in second place after the first test with 75 points behind Australia with 82 points. The USA is in third with 38 points and Japan in fourth with 34.

In the Youth competition, Australia also leads with 63 points with NZ on 50 and USA with 24.

NZ Team coach Jason Pocock says the Black Fins showed a lot of heart in what was a challenging day of competition. "The weather didn't play ball and the team were getting hammered with heavy rain and strong winds. They made a solid start in the first test, especially in the second half of the day, finishing strongly, he says.

"We're looking forward to test two on Saturday when we'll manage our races a little better."

Some of the day's highlights came with the Open Female Beach Relay team of Olivia Eaton, Teneale Hatton, Chanel Hickman and Danielle McKenzie winning gold.

Eaton also took an individual gold in the Open Female Beach Sprint with team mate Hickman close behind in second place.

Leading into the competition, captain Paul Cracroft-Wilson was looking to put in some solid performances against his Australian competitors in the beach flags and he did that, taking gold in the Open Men's Beach Flags. He also took a team gold with Max Beattie, Chris Dawson and Cory Taylor in the Open Men's Beach Relay.

Danielle McKenzie added gold to the tally in the Open Female Board Race with team mate Devon Halligan taking bronze.

Over in the Youth competition, Maia Bryant, Olivia Corrin, Zoe Hobbs and Hannah Williams put in a top effort to take gold in the U19 Female Beach Relay.

Hobbs also took an individual gold in the U19 Female Beach Sprint while team mate Jake Hurley took gold in the U19 Men's Beach Sprint.

On the water, Grace Kaihau took gold in the U19 Female Board Race and Matthew Scott also won the U19 Male Surf Race.

The combo of Jake Hurley, Hamish Miller, Mathew Scott and Dylan Williams were successful in taking the U19 Male Rescue Tube title.

NZ Youth team coach Jonelle Quane says the whole team was so proud of each other and proud to be part of the team on the first day of racing.

"Everyone fought hard to the end, showing true commitment to the team. There were lots of success and key learnings to build on for test two," she says.

Both teams have the day off today before hitting the beach tomorrow for the second test that starts at 10.30am New Zealand time.

The bi-annual International Surf Rescue Challenge is a gathering of the world's top lifesavers. Events such as Ironman, surf race, surf ski, beach sprints and tube rescue take place across three tests; test one on September 3 followed by tests two and three on September 5 and 6.

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For full results from the International Surf Rescue Challenge click here.


Open Female Beach Flags:
Chanel Hickman, 2nd
Olivia Eaton 6th

Open Female Beach Relay:
Olivia Eaton, Teneale Hatton, Chanel Hickman, Danielle McKenzie, 1st

Open Female Beach Sprint:
Olivia Eaton, 1st
Chanel Hickman, 2nd

Open Female Board Race:
Danielle McKenzie, 1st
Devon Halligan, 3rd

Open Female Board Rescue:
Devon Halligan, Danielle McKenzie, 2nd

Open Female Ironwoman:
Devon Halligan, 3rd
Danielle McKenzie 4th

Open Female Tube Rescue:
Devon Halligan, Natalie Peat, Danielle McKenzie, Teneale Hatton, 2nd

Open Female Single Ski:
Teneale Hatton 2nd
Danielle McKenzie, 3rd

Open Female Surf Race:
Natalie Peat, 3rd
Devon Halligan, 5th

Open Male Beach Flags:
Paul Cracroft-Wilson, 1st
Max Beattie, 4th

Open Male Beach Relay:
Max Beattie, Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Chris Dawson, Cory Taylor, 1st

Open Male Beach Sprint:
Paul Cracroft-Wilson, 2nd
Max Beattie, 4th

Open Male Board Race:
Max Beattie, 1st
Cory Taylor, 4th

Open Male Board Rescue:
Adam Simpson, Cory Taylor, 2nd

Open Male Ironman:
Cory Taylor, 3rd

Open Male Tube Rescue:
Chris Dawson, Marty McDowell, Adam Simpson, 2nd

Open Male Single Ski:
Cory Taylor, 2nd
Marty McDowell 4th

Open Male Surf Race:
Chris Dawson, 4t
Adam Simpson, 7th

Open Mixed Board Relay:
Max Beattie, Danielle McKenzie, 2nd

Open Mixed Single Ski Relay:
Teneale Hatton, Marty McDowell, 2nd

Open Mixed Surf Team:
Chris Dawson, Devon Halligan, Natalie Peat, Adam Simpson, 2nd

U19 Female Beach Flags:
Grace Kaihau, 4th
Maia Bryant, 5th

U19 Female Beach Relay:
Maia Bryant, Olivia Corrin, Zoe Hobbs, Hannah Williams, 1st

U19 Female Beach Sprint:
Zoe Hobbs, 1st
Olivia Corrin, 4th

U19 Female Board Race:
Grace Kaihau, 1st
Olivia Corrin, 4th

U19 Female Board Rescue:
Olivia Corrin, Hannah Williams 2nd

U19 Female Ironwoman:
Maia Bryant, 3rd
Hannah Williams, 4th

U19 Female Rescue Tube Rescue:
Kelsi Boocock, Maia Bryant, Olivia Corrin, Zoe Hobbs, 2nd

U19 Female Single Ski:
Hannah Williams, 4th

U19 Female Surf Race:
Kelsi Boocock, 1st
Grace Kaihau, 4th

19 Male Beach Flags:
Jake Hurley, 2nd
Hamish Miller, 4t

U19 Male Beach Relay:
Jake Hurley, Hamish Miller, Kane Sefton, Dylan Williams, 2nd

U19 Male Beach Sprint:
Jake Hurley, 1st
Dylan Williams, 4th

U19 Male Board Race:
Kane Sefton, 2nd
Baydon Botha, 3rd

U19 Male Board Rescue:
Hamish Miller, Kane Sefton, 2nd

U19 Male Ironman:
Kane Sefton, 2nd
Hamish Miller, 3rd

U19 Male Rescue Tube Rescue:
Jake Hurley, Hamish Miller, Matt Scott, Dylan Williams, 1st

U19 Male Single Ski:
Kane Sefton, 2nd
Dylan Williams, 4th

U19 Male Surf Race:
Matt Scott, 1st
Baydon Botha, 2nd

U19 Mixed Board Relay:
Olivia Corrin, Hamish Miller, 2nd

U19 Mixed Single Ski Relay:
Hannah Williams, Dylan Williams, 2nd

U19 Mixed Surf Team:
Kelsi Boocock, Baydon Botha, Olivia Corrin, Matt Scott, 2nd

New Zealand Black Fins

Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Fitzroy (captain)
Chris Dawson, Midway
Max Beattie, Omanu
Cory Taylor, Midway
Marty McDowell, Titahi Bay
Adam Simpson, Mt Maunganui
Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay
Natalie Peat, Papamoa
Devon Halligan, Midway
Teneale Hatton, Piha
Olivia Eaton, Mt Maunganui
Chanel Hickman, Mairangi Bay

New Zealand Youth

Kelsi Boocock, Red Beach (co-captain)
Matthew Scott, Midway (co-captain)
Zoe Hobbs, Fitzroy
Hannah Williams, Piha
Maia Bryant, Papamoa
Olivia Corrin, Midway
Grace Kaihau, Orewa
Jake Hurley, Mairangi Bay
Kane Sefton, Mt Maunganui
Baydon Botha, Mairangi Bay
Hamish Miller, Mt Maunganui
Dylan Williams, Mt Maunganui

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