Kiwis go head to head with the Aussies in final ISRC test

Posted by SLSNZ Media on Sunday, September 6, 2015

It came down to the wire in Maroochydore today as the Black Fins were narrowly beaten by the Aussies in the third test of the 2015 International Surf Rescue Challenge.

The Kiwis raced hard yesterday to take out the second test but today, the wounded Australians came back fighting to win the final test by two points and claim the overall event honours.

It came down to the last six races to determine the winner as Australia and New Zealand sat on even points. The final score for test three saw Australia finish on 77 points, with New Zealand on 75 followed by the USA on 40 and Japan with 37.

The overall points score after three tests had Australia on 236 points, New Zealand on 228, USA on 118 and Japan on 106.

The day wasn't without its usual display of fast and exhilarating racing from the Black Fins; the team took out 11 golds between them.

Mount Maunganui's Olivia Eaton took two individual titles in the Beach Sprints and Beach Flags as well as teaming up with Piha's Teneale Hatton and Mairangi Bay's Chanel Hickman and Danielle McKenzie to win the Beach Relay.

McKenzie and Hatton took another gold each in the Board Race and Single Ski respectively and Midway's Devon Halligan took out the Surf Race.

Not to be out done by the girls, the boys also added to the medal tally with Midway's Chris Dawson winning the Surf Race and Omanu's Max Beattie winning the Board Race. Dawson and Beattie teamed up with Cory Taylor (Midway) and captain Paul Cracroft-Wilson (Fitzroy) to mirror the girls' win in the Beach Relay.

Dawson and Taylor, together with Mount Maunganui's Adam Simpson and Titahi Bay's Marty McDowell added another gold in the Tube Rescue.

New Zealand team coach Jason Pocock says they were disappointed to lose today but he is incredibly proud of the team's effort. "The character of the team and the way they kept pushing, even when things were going against them, was amazing to see, he says.

"I'm looking forward to the team's continued growth in the lead-up to the next world champs," he says.

The New Zealand Youth team proved themselves racing against some tough international competition across the three days of racing on Australia's Sunshine Coast.

Some of the highlights from the final test saw Mairangi Bay's Jake Hurley winning gold in both the Under 19 Beach Flags and Under 19 Beach Sprint. He also took the Under 19 Tube Rescue along with team mates Hamish Miller (Mount Maunganui), Matt Scott (Midway) and Dylan Williams (Mount Maunganui).

Midway's Olivia Corrin and Piha's Hannah Williams claimed the Under 19 Board Rescue and, teamed up with Papamoa's Maia Bryant and Fitzroy's Zoe Hobbs, took out the Under 19 Beach Relay. Red Beach's Kelsi Boocock claimed the Under 19 Surf Race.

The Youth team finished in second place overall with 154 points behind Australia on 185 points. The USA came in third with 74 points.

New Zealand team manager Mark Weatherall says he is proud of both the Black Fins and the NZ Youth team who put in great performances over the three tests.

"Both teams showed amazing heart. I'm very proud of the management teams and all those who supported us. It's been a big boost for the High Performance programme," he says.

For the full breakdown of results from test three, click here.


Open Female Beach Flags
Olivia Eaton, 1st
Chanel Hickman, 6th

Open Female Beach Relay
Olivia Eaton, Teneale Hatton, Chanel Hickman, Danielle McKenzie, 1st

Open Female Beach Sprint
Olivia Eaton, 1st
Chanel Hickman, 4th

Open Female Board Race
Danielle McKenzie, 1st
Devon Halligan, 4th

Open Female Board Rescue
Devon Halligan & Danielle McKenzie, 2nd

Open Female Ironwoman
Devon Halligan, 2nd
Danielle McKenzie, 3rd

Open Female Rescue Tube Rescue
Teneale Hatton, Devon Halligan, Samantha Lee, Danielle McKenzie, 2nd

Open Female Single Ski
Teneale Hatton, 1st
Danielle McKenzie, 3rd

Open Female Surf Race
Devon Halligan, 1st
Samantha Lee, 4th

Open Female Taplin Relay (6 team)
Olivia Eaton, Teneale Hatton, Danielle McKenzie, Samantha Lee, 2nd

Open Male Beach Flags
Paul Cracroft-Wilson, 6th
Max Beattie, 7th

Open Male Beach Relay
Max Beattie, Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Chris Dawson, Cory Taylor, 1st

Open Male Beach Sprint
Paul Cracroft-Wilson, 3rd
Max Beattie, 4th

Open Male Board Race
Max Beattie, 1st
Cory Taylor, 3rd

Open Male Board Rescue
Adam Simpson & Cory Taylor, 3rd

Open Male Ironman
Cory Taylor, 3rd
Max Beattie, 4th

Open Male Rescue Tube Rescue
Chris Dawson, Marty McDowell, Adam Simpson, Cory Taylor, 1st

Open Male Single Ski
Marty McDowell, 3rd
Cory Taylor, 4th

Open Male Surf Race
Chris Dawson, 1st
Adam Simpson, 4th

Open Male Taplin Relay (6 team)
Max Beattie, Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Chris Dawson, Marty McDowell, 2nd

Open Mixed Board Relay
Max Beattie & Danielle McKenzie, 2nd

Open Mixed Single Ski Relay
Teneale Hatton & Marty McDowell, 1st

Open Mixed Surf Team
Chris Dawson, Devon Halligan, Samantha Lee, Adam Simpson, 3rd

U19 Female Beach Flags
Maia Bryant, 3rd
Grace Kaihau, 5th

U19 Female Beach Relay
Maia Bryant, Olivia Corrin, Zoe Hobbs, Hannah Williams, 1st

U19 Female Beach Sprint
Zoe Hobbs, 2nd
Olivia Corrin, 4th

U19 Female Board Race
Olivia Corrin, 2nd
Hanna Williams, 4th

U19 Female Board Rescue
Olivia Corrin & Hannah Williams, 1st

U19 Female Ironwoman
Grace Kaihau, 2nd
Hannah Williams, 4th

U19 Female Rescue Tube Rescue
Kelsi Boocock, Maia Bryant, Olivia Corrin, 2nd

U19 Female Single Ski
Maia Bryant, 2nd
Hannah Williams, 4th

U19 Female Surf Race
Kelsi Boocock, 1st
Olivia Corrin, 2nd

U19 Female Taplin Relay (6 team)
Kelsi Boocock, Olivia Corrin, Olivia Eaton, Hannah Williams, 2nd

U19 Male Beach Flags
Jake Hurley, 1st
Hamish Miller, 5th

U19 Male Beach Relay
Jake Hurley, Hamish Miller, Kane Sefton, Dylan Williams, 2nd

U19 Male Beach Sprint
Jake Hurley, 1st
Dylan Williams, 4th

U19 Male Board Race
Kane Sefton, 2nd
Baydon Botha, 3rd

U19 Male Board Rescue
Hamish Miller & Kane Sefton, 2nd

U19 Male Ironman
Hamish Miller, 3rd
Kane Sefton, 4th

U19 Male Rescue Tube Rescue
Jake Hurley, Hamish Miller, Matt Scott, Dylan Williams, 1st

U19 Male Single Ski
Dylan Williams, 2nd
Kane Sefton, 4th

U19 Male Surf Race
Matt Scott, 3rd
Baydon Botha, 5th

U19 Male Taplin Relay (6 team)
Jake Hurley, Matt Scott, Kane Sefton, Dylan Williams, 2nd

U19 Mixed Board Relay
Olivia Corrin & Hamish Miller, 2nd

U19 Mixed Single Ski Relay
Hannah Williams & Dylan Williams, 2nd

U19 Mixed Surf Team
Kelsi Boocock, Baydon Botha, Olivia Corrin, Matt Scott, 2nd

New Zealand Black Fins

Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Fitzroy (captain)
Chris Dawson, Midway
Max Beattie, Omanu
Cory Taylor, Midway
Marty McDowell, Titahi Bay
Adam Simpson, Mt Maunganui
Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay
Natalie Peat, Papamoa
Devon Halligan, Midway
Teneale Hatton, Piha
Olivia Eaton, Mt Maunganui
Chanel Hickman, Mairangi Bay
Samantha Lee, Lyall Bay (substitute)

New Zealand Youth

Kelsi Boocock, Red Beach (co-captain)
Matthew Scott, Midway (co-captain)
Zoe Hobbs, Fitzroy
Hannah Williams, Piha
Maia Bryant, Papamoa
Olivia Corrin, Midway
Grace Kaihau, Orewa
Jake Hurley, Mairangi Bay
Kane Sefton, Mt Maunganui
Baydon Botha, Mairangi Bay
Hamish Miller, Mt Maunganui
Dylan Williams, Mt Maunganui


The New Zealand Black Fins and Youth Team after the third and final test in Maroochydore. 

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