Kariaotahi Call Out Squad rescues fishermen

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Just after 7.30pm on March 10, the Kariaotahi Call Out Squad was activated with a report of three people in difficulty after net fishing 300m north of the club house.

Lifeguard Guy Hornblow responded and, upon arriving at the club, headed straight to the scene to gather more information. There, it was confirmed that one person was back on the shore with police.

Off-duty lifeguard Naylor Browne had been at the beach and witnessed the incident unfolding. He performed the rescue without a rescue tube or fins.

The remaining two patients were still in the water and one couldn't be seen from the beach.

Within eight minutes of the activation, Guy, together with Nathan Millar, had launched an IRB and completed pickup of both patients; one was status three and the other status four.

As the IRB was being launched, lifeguards Lee Coers and Tara Coe arrived on the scene and took over care of the first patient who had been rescued by Naylor and was now up at the clubhouse.

The second patient was treated by ambulance on return to the beach and the third was warmed up and monitored by the additional lifeguards that were continuing to arrive at the club.

The first patient's condition improved after treatment from the lifeguards and ambulance staff and left the beach by road ambulance as a status three. The other two patients left the beach in a stable condition with their families to accompany the first patient to hospital.

Naylor's unaided rescue showed extremely good skill and strength in the prevailing conditions that day.

The Call Out Squad also demonstrated excellent skill and composure to respond quickly, gain situational awareness upon their arrival and launching the IRB to swiftly complete the rescue.

Two, or possibly three, fatalities were more than likely prevented due to the swift and efficient response of the Kariaotahi lifeguards.

Incident details:

Date: March 10, 2015
Time: 1932hrs
Location: 300m North of club house
Lifeguards involved: Guy Hornblow (PC), Tara Coe, Jim Coe, Mike Lawrence, Lee Coers, Ben Coers, Nathan Millar, Bradley Walters, Ruth Wormald, Naylor Browne

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Honeybone, Media & Communications Specialist, SLSNZ
Phone 09 303 9335 or 0276 488 823