Hurley's haul dripping in gold

Saturday, 14 March 2015

It wasn't so much a golden haul as a deluge for Mairangi Bay beach sprinter Jake Hurley at the Aquapick New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships in Gisborne today.

Having captured the under-19 beach flags title on the first day, the 18-year-old flier snatched three more titles in quick succession late on the second day, including the rare under-19/open beach sprint double.

First he pipped Fitzroy's Paul Cracroft-Wilson in the open final, with Mairangi Bay clubmate Vaughan Roberts sealing third, then Hurley repeated the effort minutes later, heading home another Fitzroy pair Javon McCallum and Chad Collop in the under-19 final.

Making his best-ever nationals even sweeter was anchoring the Mairangi Bay beach relay team's gold medal run less than an hour later.

"I wanted to win the under-19 flags and sprints but I never really saw the open title coming," Hurley admitted. "I just jumped in and hoped for the best - I'm pumped and stoked with the result though."

Roberts, Mike Lee and Kevin Morrison were teammates in the beach relay, with Lee and Morrison also showing their skills on the water at Midway Beach, taking out the ski relay title with Travis Mitchell.  It's the seventh time Mitchell has collected that particular nationals prize.

Mairangi Bay and hosts Midway couldn't arrest a Mount Maunganui onslaught, however, with the Bay of Plenty club leaping out to a commanding lead in the overall points tally with a succession of superb team performances.

Mount won four of the six surf teams races across open, under-19 and under-16 agegroups and all three of the men's board relays.  Charlie Haynes picked up three golds and a silver in the under-19 division, while Perry Farrell and Kane Sefton grabbed two.

Elsewhere, the large contingent of national kayakers came to the fore too, with Olympian Darryl Fitzgerald pairing with his younger brother Jarrod to win the open men's double ski for Waikanae.  They finished ahead of a cluster of fellow national kayak champions, with Ocean Beach Kiwi's Scott Bicknell and William Wilkins second and Marty McDowell and Todd Grace third.

"It was all about getting off the beach quickly and getting some of the runners home," Jarrod Fitzgerald said. "We pulled down one at the end and it's a pretty good feeling."

World champion kayaker Teneale Hatton had a busy day for her Piha club, winning the open women's board rescue with young star Hannah Williams, leading off the victorious ski relay team ahead of teammates Brita Camplin and Kirsty Wannan and finishing a close second in the double ski to Mairangi Bay's Rachael Dodwell and Danielle McKenzie.

The women's beach sprints were shared by Fitzroy teenager Zoe Hobbs and Mount Maunganui's Olivia Eaton - Hobbs won the open title from her rival but Eaton turned the tables in the under-19 decider.

Hobbs then helped Fitzroy's under-19 beach relay team win gold, while Eaton lead off for Mount's win in the open women's beach relay.

Today's action didn't finish until 7pm, with organisers blasting through the penultimate day's programme in a bid to keep ahead of the storm expected to slam into the area in coming days.

Ironically, today's action was held amid blue skies and benign waves, with larger cyclone-fed swells not expected to hit until Monday.

Tomorrow's final day will feature finals of the short and long course boats, ironman and surf races, as well as board, ski and taplins.

Jake Hurley

Mairangi Bay's Jake Hurley leads his beach relay team off on their way to gold at the Aquapick New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships in Gisborne today.  Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media Services

Results from the second day of the Aquapick New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships in Gisborne today:

Open Men

Surf Teams Race. Mt Maunganui (Cooper Halligan/Julien Lalanne/Adam Simpson/Cameron Witney) 1, Midway (Chris Dawson/Matthew Scott/Jack Gavin/Cory Taylor) 2, Piha Black (Nick Berry/Steven Ferguson/Ben Gillies/Sean Newcombe) 3. 

Board Rescue. Taylors Mistake (Tom Mouldey/Benjamin Phillips) 1, Midway (Matthew Scott/Cory Taylor) 2, Mt Maunganui (Lewis Rosewell/Adam Simpson) 3. 

Board Relay. Mt Maunganui (Andrew Newton/Lewis Rosewell/Sam Shergold) 1, Papamoa Green (Daniel Hart/Scott Cowdrey/Ben Johnston) 2, Waihi International (Jamie Green/George Haynes/Matthew Hewitt) 3. 

Double Ski. Waikanae (Darryl Fitzgerald/Jarrod Fitzgerald) 1, Ocean Beach Kiwi (Scott Bicknell/William Wilkins) 2, Titahi Bay (Martyn McDowell/Todd Grace) 3. 

Ski Relay. Mairangi Bay (Michael Lee/Travis Mitchell/Kevin Morrison) 1, Mt Maunganui (Andrew Newton/Andrew Roy/Sam Shergold) 2, Orewa Blue (Thomas Burgess/Zachery Franich/Jack Wilson) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 1, Paul Cracroft-Wilson (Fitzroy) 2, Vaughan Roberts (Mairangi Bay) 3. 

Beach Relay. Mairangi Bay (Jake Hurley/Michael Lee/Sam Paterson/Vaughan Roberts) 1, Mt Maunganui (Adrien Lambolez/Andrew Newton/Haydn Reardon/Cameron Witney) 2, Sth Brighton (Sol Somerville/James Banhidi/Fraser Cameron/Morgan Foster) 3. 

Open Women

Surf Teams Race. Papamoa (Maia Bryant/Malia Josephson/Natalie Peat/Ariana Moffatt) 1, Mairangi Bay (Madison Boon/Victoria Clark/Marina Macartny/Danielle McKenzie) 2, Piha Black (Nicole Rosewarne/Kirsty Wannan/Annielle Ryland-Higgins/Hannah Williams) 3. 

Board Rescue. Piha Green (Teneale Hatton/Hannah Williams) 1, Mairangi Bay (Madison Boon/Danielle McKenzie) 2, Midway (Devon Halligan/Olivia Corrin) 3. 

Board Relay. Midway (Devon Halligan/Olivia Corrin/Danielle Scott) 1, Mt Maunganui (Kendall Elliott/Katrina Madill/Arna Wright) 2, Mairangi Bay (Madison Boon/Rachael Dodwell/Danielle McKenzie) 3. 

Double Ski. Mairangi Bay (Rachael Dodwell/Danielle McKenzie) 1, Piha Black (Teneale Hatton/Kirsty Wannan) 2, Red Beach (Briar McLeely/Rachel Clarke) 3. 

Ski Relay. Piha Black (Brita Camplin/Teneale Hatton/Kirsty Wannan) 1, Mairangi Bay (Madison Boon/Rachael Dodwell/Danielle McKenzie) 2, Red Beach (Briar McLeely/Rachel Clarke/Nivana Johnson) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Zoe Hobbs (Fitzroy) 1, Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 2, Bree Masters (Kurrawa, Queensland) 3, Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 4. 

Beach Relay. Mt Maunganui (Olivia Eaton/Kendall Elliott/Shamay King/Arna Wright) 1, Mairangi Bay (Ashley Harding/Rachael Dodwell/Georgia Newman/Chanel Hickman) 2, Fitzroy Blue (Katie Watts/Zoe Hobbs/Ariana Kereopa/Maisie Lundon Moore) 3. 

U19 Men

Surf Teams Race. Mt Maunganui (Perry Farrell/Cameron Hayes/Charlie Haynes/Kane Sefton) 1, Papamoa Green (Mason Bryant/Jacob Hales/Ben Johnston/Ethan Clouston) 2, Midway (Blake Brown/Matthew Scott/Tayler Reid/Reeftahn Brown-Terekia) 3. 

Board Rescue. Papamoa Red (Daniel Hart/Ben Johnston) 1, Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/Kane Sefton) 2, Papamoa Orange (Ethan Clouston/Joshua Clouston) 3. 

Board Relay. Mt Maunganui (Perry Farrell/Charlie Haynes/Kane Sefton) 1, Papamoa Green (Daniel Hart/Scott Cowdrey/Ben Johnston) 2, Papamoa Red (Mason Bryant/Ethan Clouston/Joshua Clouston) 3. 

Ski Relay. Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/Sam Roy/Brad Wiley) 1, Paekakariki (Baxter Cannell/Kurtis Imrie/Ethan Moore) 2, Omanu (Taris Harker/Timothy Waller/Ben Cochrane) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 1, Javon McCallum (Fitzroy) 2, Chad Collop (Fitzroy) 3. 

Beach Relay. Fitzroy Blue (Thomas Cole/Chad Collop/Javon McCallum/Bevan Spragg) 1, Waikanae (Joshua Adams/Alex Bristow/Harry Dods/Tom Dods) 2, Piha Black (Ryan Delaney/Ryan Gilmour/Kyle MacKenzie/Adam Parker) 3. 

U19 Women

Surf Teams Race. Mt Maunganui (Jessica Miller/Amy Barron/Grace Eglington/Katie Wilson) 1, Piha Black (Annielle Ryland-Higgins/Danika Ryland-Higgins/Julia Tairua-Doyle/Hannah Williams) 2, Midway (Jaimee Fisher/Moana Aupouri-Kawai/Jessica Blakeman/Ariana Aupouri-Kawai) 3. 

Board Rescue. Paekakariki (Katie Trott/Matisse Uluilelata) 1, NPOB Blue (Jenna Barrett/Aimee Smith) 2, Wainui (Aberdeen Falwasser-Logan/Jasmine Smith) 3. 

Board Relay. Wainui (Aberdeen Falwasser-Logan/Meg Grealish/Jasmine) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Jessica Miller/Adriana Bird/Katie Wilson) 2, Mt Maunganui B (Amy Barron/Georgia Child/Jessica Gadsbey) 3. 

Double Ski. 

Ski Relay. Fitzroy (Rebecca Cole/Ariana Kereopa/Cassie Wilson) 1, Mt Maunganui (Amy Barron/Jessica Gadsbey/Katie Wilson) 2, Mairangi Bay (Libby Bell/Alicia McKenzie/Kayla McKenzie) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Zoe Hobbs (Fitzroy) 2, Jamie Gedye (Waikanae) 3. 

Beach Relay. Fitzroy (Zoe Hobbs/Ariana Kereopa/Olivia Rogers/Maya Page) 1, Mt Maunganui (Amy Barron/Olivia Eaton/Jessica Gadsbey/Jessica Lacy) 2, Waikanae (Ella Andrew/Casie Fyall/Jamie Gedye/Lucy Mossman) 3. 

U16 Men

Surf Teams Race. Mt Maunganui A (Daniel Barron/Morgan Brockelsby/Isaac Marshall/Hamish Miller) 1, Mt Maunganui B (Daniel Miller/Taituha Woller/Lochlainn O'Connor/Declan Dempster) 2, Midway (Blake Brown/Reeftahn Terekia-Brown/Josiah Ney/Christopher Niven) 3. 

Board Relay. Mt Maunganui (Daniel Barron/Isaac Marshall/Hamish Miller) 1, Red Beach (Hamish Gledhill/Kees Kramer/Sam Readman) 2, Mt Maunganui (Morgan Brockelsby/Daniel Miller/Taituha Woller) 3. 

Board Rescue. Mt Maunganui (Daniel Barron/Hamish Miller) 1, Whangamata Black (Conor Bradding/Oscar Williams) 2, Mt Maunganui B (Morgan Brockelsby/Isaac Marshall) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Ryan Gilmour (Piha) 1, Bevan Spragg (Fitzroy) 2, Joshua Adams (Waikanae) 3. 

Beach Relay. Piha Black (Samuel Clark/Ryan Delaney/Ryan Gilmour/Kyle MacKenzie) 2, Orewa Blue (Costa Owen/Stefan Powney/Callum Watson/Liam McMullen) 3. 

U16 Women

Surf Teams Race. Midway (Jessica Blakeman/Olivia Corrin/Danielle Scott/Ariana Aupouri-Kawai) 1, Mt Maunganui (Molly Alton/Libby Bradley/Tessa Bradley/Megan McCarty) 2, Papamoa (Maia Bryant/Kaylie Hansen/Sophie Hayden/Malia Josephson) 3. 

Board Relay. Midway (Jessica Blakeman/Olivia Corrin/Danielle Scott) 1, Mt Maunganui (Libby Bradley/Lydia Farrell/Katrina Gadsbey) 2, Papamoa (Maia Bryant/Sophie Hayden/Malia Josephson) 3. 

Beach Sprint. Sophie Twigley (Midway) 1, Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Chelsea Grant (Red Beach) 3. 

Beach Relay. Midway (Tyler Burgess/Haylea Rodgers/Sophie Twigley/Alex Bermingham) 1, Mt Maunganui (Devon Bowdler/Libby Bradley/Katrina Gadsbey/Alicia Wilson) 2, Waikanae (Anna Ellingham/Alicia Hoskin/Lucy Mossman/Lauren Pickett) 3. 


Mt Maunganui 131, Midway 62, Papamoa 45, Mairangi Bay 43, Fitzroy 42, Piha 29, Waikanae 20, Red Beach 15, Paekakariki 8, Orewa 7, Wainui 6, Taylors Mistake 5, Titahi Bay 4, Omanu 4, NPOB 4, Ocean Beach Kiwi 3, Lyall Bay 3, Whangamata 3, Maranui 2, Sth Brighton 2, Riversdale 2, Waihi 1.