Clubbies bring home 11 medals for Kiwi clubs at The Aussies

Posted by SLSNZ Media on Monday, April 20, 2015

Kiwi clubbies put on an impressive performance at this year's Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, coming back with 11 medals; two gold, four silver and five bronze.

Over 7,000 competitors took part in the competition, more familiarly known as "The Aussies", from April 11-19 at North Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast.

A total of 126 athletes made up the Kiwi contingent representing their clubs Mount Maunganui, Omanu, East End, Waikanae, Midway, Spencer Park, Mairangi Bay, Whangamata, Orewa, Lyall Bay, Maranui, Piha, Paekakariki, Titahi Bay, Fitzroy and Red Beach.

Some of the highlights included Midway's Olivia Corrin taking away four medals in the Youth Championships; gold in the U15 2km beach run, silver in the U15 Ironwoman, bronze in the U15 surf board and bronze in the U15 surf race.

Over in the Masters division, Mount Maunganui claimed two medals with Julien Lalanne taking bronze in the 30-34 Ironman and Deborah Reardon also taking bronze in the 55-59 rescue tube.

Spencer Park's Malcolm MacDonald won two silvers in the masters; one in the 40-45 beach flags and one in the 40-45 beach sprint.

In the open competition, the highlights included gold from Fitzroy's Zoe Hobbs in the U19 female beach sprint.

The Mount Maunganui team followed on from the Masters' success with Hamish Miller taking silver in the U17 2km beach run. The open male tube rescue team of Adam Simpson, George Haynes, Haydon Reardon and Julien Lalanne also added a bronze to the tally.

Waikanae's Casie Fyall put on an impressive performance, coming very close to the medal table, taking fourth in the U19 beach flags.

A number of other Kiwi athletes also put in outstanding efforts competing for their Australian clubs.

Mount Maunganui's Jess Miller won gold with her Northcliffe teammates in the U19 surf team and Michael Waide took four medals for North Burleigh; silver in the 45-49 male single ski, bronze in the 45-49 male ironman, bronze in the male ski relay and bronze in the male surf team.

Mairangi Bay's Danielle McKenzie took away three gold medals for Northcliffe; one in the tube rescue, one in the open mixed double ski and one in the single ski relay alongside Midway's Devon Halligan who added to Northcliffe's medal tally taking silver in the open female surf team and bronze in the open female surf belt.

Fellow New Zealand Open Squad member Ben Cochrane (Omanu) took three medals for Northcliffe; silver in the U19 surf teams, silver in the U19 taplin relay and bronze in the U19 ski relay.

On the beach, Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) took gold for Currumbin in the U19 male beach relay and bronze in the U19 beach flags while Mount Maunganui's Olivia Eaton took two golds for Currumbin; one in the open beach relay and one in the U19 beach relay alongside Currumbin teammate, Papamoa's Maddison Kidd.

Omanu's Max Beattie won bronze in the open men's surf team for Northcliffe and Mairangi Bay's Kevin Morrison also won bronze for Northcliffe in the Masters 110 years min male single ski relay.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand Sport Manager Mike Lord says the competition at Aussies is always tough and the Kiwi athletes put on an outstanding performance at this year's event. "Well done to all those who went over and participated. To make a final is a huge achievement let alone return home with a medal," he says.


Olivia Corrin, Midway, U15 Female 2km Beach Run
Zoe Hobbs, Fitzroy, U19 Female Beach Sprint

Olivia Corrin, Midway, Ironwoman
Malcolm MacDonald, Spencer Park, 40-44 Male Beach Flags
Malcolm MacDonald, Spencer Park, 40-44 Beach Sprint
Hamish Miller, Mount Maunganui, U17 Male 2km Beach Run

Olivia Corrin, Midway, U15 Female Board Race
Olivia Corrin, Midway, U15 Female Surf Race
Deborah Reardon, Mount Maunganui, 50-59 Female Tube Rescue Race
Julien Lalanne, Mount Maunganui, 30-34 Male Ironman
Adam Simpson, George Haynes, Haydn Reardon, Julien Lalanne, Mount Maunganui, Open Male Tube Rescue

Grand final placings:


Lochlainn O'Connor, Mount Maunganui
- U14 Male Rescue Tube Race, 6th
- U14 Male Surf Race, 8th

Tessa Bradley, Mount Maunganui
- U15 Female Rescue Tube Race, 7th

Olivia Corrin, Midway
- U15 Female 2km Beach Run, 1st
- U15 Female Ironwoman, 2nd
- U15 Female Board Race, 3rd
- U15 Female Surf Race, 3rd


Garry King, Mount Maunganui
- 60-64 Male Surf Race, 12th

Deborah Reardon, Mount Maunganui
- 50-59 Female Tube Rescue Race, 3rd
- 55-59 Female Surf Race, 4th

Julien Lalanne, Mount Maunganui
- 30-34 Male Ironman, 3rd
- 30-34 Male Surf Race, 9th

Simon Wills, Omanu
- 30-34 Male Surf Race, 11th
- 30-34 Male Board Race, 8th
- 30-34 Male 2km Beach Run, 7th

Malcolm MacDonald, Spencer Park
- 40-44 Male Beach Flags, 2nd
- 40-44 Male Beach Sprint, 2nd

Mairangi Bay Merkins
- 160 years min Male Surf Boats, 6th

Alison Cole, Fitzroy
- 50-54 Female 2km Beach Run, 9th


Daniel Barron, Hamish Miller, Kane Sefton, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Male Board Relay, 12th

Adam Simpson, George Haynes, Haydn Reardon, Julien Lalanne, Mount Maunganui
- Open Male Tube Rescue, 3rd

Kane Sefton, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Male Rescue Tube Race, 4th
- U17 Male Surf Race, 7th

Haydn Reardon, Mount Maunganui
- Open Male 2km Beach Run, 11th

Emily Campbell, Brooke Shergold, Karina Radley, Mount Maunganui
- Open Female Single Ski Relay, 16th

Sam Roy, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Male (cond ski age) Single Ski, 8th

Adam Simpson, Mount Maunganui
- Open Male Surf Race, 18th

Amy Barron, Georgia Childs, Adriana Bird, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Female Taplin Relay (3 team), 16th

Tessa Bradley, Mount Maunganui
- U15 Female Surf Race, 23rd

Amy Barron, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Female Surf Race, 7th

Cameron Hayes, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Male Surf Race, 15th

Perry Farrell, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Male Surf Race, 12th

Adrien Lambolez, Mount Maunganui
- Restricted Mixed Surf Race, 24th

Libby Bradley, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Female Rescue Tube Race, 5th
- U17 Female Surf Race, 6th

Jessica Gadsbey, Megan Mccarty, Jardine Chapman, Libby Bradley, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Female Surf Team, 6th

Sam Roy, Charlie Haynes, Brad Wiley, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Mixed Single Ski Relay, 9th

Sam Roy, Perry Farrell, Charlie Haynes, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Male Taplin Relay (3 team), 9th

Hamish Miller, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Male 2km Beach Run, 2nd

Daniel Barron, Hamish Miller, Isaac Marshall, Morgan Brockelsby, Mount Maunganui
- U17 Male Surf Team, 7th

Kane Sefton, Cameron Hayes, Perry Farrell, Charlie Haynes, Mount Maunganui
- U19 Male Surf Team, 4th

Phillip Pirie, Mount Maunganui
- Open Male 2km Beach Run, 24th

Sophie Sanford, Omanu
- U14 Female Beach Sprint, 8th

Timothy Waller, Taris Harker, Joshua Jarvis, Omanu
- U19 Mixed Single Ski Relay, 10th

Samuel Pasley, Omanu
- U17 Male Surf Race, 666

Joshua Jarvis, Samuel Groot, Omanu
- U19 Male Board Relay, 17th

Casie Fyall, Waikanae,
- U19 Female Beach Flags, 4th

Jessica Blakeman, Kirby Scammell, Danielle Scott, Midway
- U17 Female Taplin Relay (3 team), 13th

Reeftahn Terekia-Brown, Blake Brown, Callum Torrie, Midway
- U17 Mixed Single Ski Relay, 15th

Reeftahn Terekia-Brown, Midway
- U17 Male 2km Beach Run, 16th

Kayla McKenzie, Mairangi Bay
- U19 Female (cond ski age) Single Ski, 5th

Rebecca Cole, Fitzroy
- U19 Female (cond Ski Age) Single Ski, 8th

Zoe Hobbs, Fitzroy
- U19 Female Beach Sprint, 1st
- Open Female Beach Sprint, 8th

Abe Larsen, Gregor Park, Thomas Cole, Fitzroy
- U17 Mixed Single Ski Relay, 12th

Rebecca Cole, Cassie Wilson, Fitzroy
- Open Female (Conditional Age) Double Ski, 7th

Australian clubs

Michael Wade (Mt Maunganui), North Burleigh
- 45-49 Single Ski, 2nd
- Male Ski Relay, 3rd
- Male surf team, 3rd
- Ironman, 3rd

Max Beattie (Omanu), Northcliffe
- Open Men's surf team, 3rd

Ben Cochrane (Omanu), Northcliffe
- U19 surf teams, 2nd
- U19 taplin relay, 2nd
- U19 ski relay, 3rd

Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay), Northcliffe
- Tube rescue, 1st
- Single ski relay, 1st
- Mixed double ski, 1st

Kevin Morrison (Mairangi Bay), Northcliffe
- Masters male ski relay, 3rd

Devon Halligan (Midway), Northcliffe
- Open female surf ski relay, 1st
- Open female surf team, 2nd
- Open female surf belt, 3rd

Jess Miller (Mount Maunganui), Northcliffe
- U19 surf teams, 1st

Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay), Currumbin
- U19 male beach relay, 1st
- U19 beach flags, 3rd

Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui), Currumbin
- U19 beach relay, 1st
- Open beach relay, 1st
U17 female beach flags, 2nd

Madison Kidd (Papamoa), Currumbin
- U19 beach relay, 1st

Grace Kaihau (Orewa), Maroochydore
- U15 female board relay, 1st
- U15 female board race, 1st
- U15 female ironwoman, 3rd



Madison Kidd and Olivia Eaton with their Currumbin teammates who won gold in the U19 beach relay.

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