NZ Black Fins in the lead after Day Two of Rescue 2014

Posted by SLSNZ Media on Thursday, September 18, 2014

The New Zealand Black Fins have backed up a massive performance on the first day of competition at the Lifesaving World Championships by taking away another four medals and moving to the top of the leaderboard after Day Two in France.

The Black Fins ended Day One of Rescue 2014 on a high note having set three new World Records, multiple NZ records and grabbing nine medals across the pool events. And Day Two of the competition didn't disappoint.

Titahi Bay's Steven Kent grabbed the day's first medal, winning bronze in the in the Men's 100m Manikin Carry with Fins.

Team captain Andy McMillan (St Clair) took silver in the Men's 50m Carry with Kent finishing in fourth while Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) and Laura Quilter (Wainui) won the day's first gold medal in the Women's Line Throw in a time of 12.05.

Lyall Bay's Natasha Hind then took the team's fourth and final medal, grabbing silver in the Women's 200m Super Lifesaver with fellow Lyall Bay club mate Samantha Lee coming in fifth.

New Zealand Team Manager Mark Weatherall says it was a challenging day for the Black Fins. "But we continued to make some great progress and will push on through to the beach events next," he says.

After Day Two of Rescue 2014, the New Zealand Black Fins are in the lead with 424 points ahead of France on 411 and Italy in third with 381. Australia is in fourth place with 336 points and Germany in fifth with 332.

Over on the beach, the New Zealand Youth team kicked-off their first day of competition and, like the New Zealand Team, they made a dominating entrance, winning a total of nine medals.

Of the day's three gold medals, one went to Ben Johnston (Papamoa) and Andrew Trembath (St Clair) in the Men's Board Rescue. Trembath snapped up his second gold along with Matthew Scott (Midway), Jacob Hales (Papamoa) and Ben Cochrane (Omanu) in the Men's Tube Rescue.

The girls took the third gold with Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui), Madison Kidd (Papamoa), Jasmine Smith (Wainui) and Maia Bryant (Papamoa) coming in first for the Women's Beach Relay.

Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) won silver in the Men's Beach Sprints and Cochrane also won silver in the Men's Ski Race.

Eaton, Kidd and Bryant each added a silver medal to their gold; Eaton in the Women's Beach Sprints and Kidd and Bryant in the Women's Tube Rescue along with Hannah Williams (Piha) and Sumner's Brittany Tucker. Smith also added a bronze to her gold in the Women's Board Race.

Taking the Youth Team's final medal was the Men's Beach Relay Team of Johnston, Hurley, Cochrane and Jacob Hales (Papamoa).

In the Interclub competition, Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club has been crowned World Champions as they took out three silvers, a bronze and the Charles Thomson trophy for top club overall.

Five silver medals were won overall; one went to twins Chad and Kurbie Wheeler in the mass rescue, one to Nathan Smith and Mitch Brady in the single rescue along with Meg Fisher and Steph Botting in the women's single. The men's and women's teams also won silver each with the women also grabbing a bronze in the woman's mass.

The St Clair IRB team of Steph Laughton and Carla Laughton with Hannah Cullen and Tash Scott won two silvers. They also had two fourths. Michael Crombie and Tim Hunt made the mass final and the B final for tube. The East End Surf Life Saving Club IRB team made the finals of the mass and single rescue.

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Black Fins: Day Two results

1st - Danielle McKenzie and Laura Quilter: Woman's Line throw (00.12.05)
2nd- Andy McMillan: Men's 50m Carry
2nd - Tash Hind: Woman's 200m Super Lifesaver
3rd - Steve Kent: 100m Manikin Carry with Fins
4th- Steve Kent: Men's 50m Manikin Carry
4th- Samantha Lee: Women's 100 Manikin Carry (00.54.58)
4th- Natasha Hind, Natalie Peat, Laura Quilter and Sam Lee: Women's 4x 50m medley relay
5th- Natasha Hind: Women's 50m Manikin Carry
5th- Steve Kent: Super Lifesaver
5th - Sam Lee: Women's Super Lifesaver
6th- Laura Quilter: Women's 50m Manikin Carry
7th- Chris Dawson: Super Lifesaver
7th- Chris Dawson: 100m Carry with Fins (00.46.75)
5th- Men's 4x50m Rescue Medley team

Click here to see the Day One results

NZ Youth Team: Day One results

1st - Ben Johnston and Andrew Trembath: Men's board rescue
1st - Matthew Scott, Andrew Trembath, Jacob Hales, Ben Cochrane: Men's Tube Rescue
1st - Olivia Eaton, Madison Kidd, Jasmine Smith, Maia Bryant: Women's Beach Relay
2nd- Jake Hurley: Men's Beach Sprints
2nd- Ben Cochrane: Men's Ski Race
2nd- Olivia Eaton: Women's Beach Sprints
2nd- Brittany Tucker, Maia Bryant, Hannah Williams, Madison Kidd: Women's Tube Rescue
3rd - Jasmine Smith: Women's Board Race
3rd - Ben Johnston, Jake Hurley, Jacob Hales, Ben Cochrane: Men's beach relay team

New Zealand Team:

Natasha Hind- Lyall Bay
Samantha Lee- Lyall Bay
Chanel Hickman- Mairangi Bay
Danielle McKenzie- Mairangi Bay
Laura Quilter- Wainui
Natalie Peat- Papamoa
Steven Kent- Titahi Bay
Andrew McMillan- St Clair
Paul Cracroft Wilson- Fitzroy
Cory Taylor- Midway
Max Beattie- Omanu
Chris Dawson- Midway

Scott Bartlett- Coach
Jason Pocock- Assistant Coach
Mark Weatherall- Manager
Steven Vaughan- Assistant Manager
Susan Pirret- Physiotherapist
Dr Caroline Stuart- Sports Doctor (non-traveling)

New Zealand Youth Team:

Madison Kidd - Papamoa
Maia Bryant - Papamoa
Ben Cochrane - Omanu
Olivia Eaton - Mt Maunganui
Jacob Hales - Papamoa
Jake Hurley - Mairangi Bay
Ben Johnston - Papamoa
Matthew Scott - Midway
Jasmine Smith - Wainui
Andrew Trembath - St Clair
Brittany Tucker - Sumner
Hannah Williams - Piha

Kurt Wilson- Coach
Jonelle Quane- Assistant Coach
Brent Wilson- Manager
Mike Ellis- Physiotherapist


Youth Men's Tube Rescue World Champions: Andrew Trembath, Matthew Scott, Jacob Hales & Ben Cochrane


Youth Women's Beach Relay World Champions: Olivia Eaton, Madi Kidd, Maia Bryant, Jasmine Smith

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