Call for applications for SLSNZ Board positions

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The SLSNZ Board Chairperson has convened the SLSNZ Board Appointments Panel ("BAP") as required by Rule 18.1 of the SLSNZ Constitution. The 2014 BAP is comprised as follows:

  • Geoff Hogan - from Eastern Region.
  • Paul Carlyon - from Central Region.
  • Andy Shaw - from Northern Region.
  • Ken Jones - from Southern Region.
  • Geoff Hamilton - SLSNZ Board Chairperson (Convenor).
  • Tony Hassed - a nominee from Boardworks International.

Four (4) positions on the SLSNZ Board are up for election/appointment at the 2014 SLSNZ AGM (to  be held at 4pm on Saturday September 20, 2014). These are:

  • Two (2) Elected Board Member positions - each for a two (2) year term.
  • One (1) Appointed Board Member position - for a two (2) year term.
  • One (1) Independent Appointed Board Member positions for a two (2) year term.

The Board Members who are due to vacate office at the 2014 AGM are:

  • Warwick Bell (Appointed) - completing a two year term.
  • Andrew Lancaster (Elected) - completing a two year term.
  • Colin Weatherall (Elected) - completing a two year term.
  • Trevor Taylor (Independent Appointed) - completing a one year term.

Under Rule 15.5 of the SLSNZ Constitution, the above Board Members are eligible to apply for reappointment  or re-election in accordance with the Constitution.

Any person who wishes to apply for a position on the SLSNZ Board should complete the Board Member Application Form and return it to the SLSNZ Chief Executive by no later than Monday July 21, 2014. (Rule 19.2, SLSNZ Constitution).

Applicants should be aware that, if shortlisted, they must be available to attend a face-to-face interview  with the Board Appointments Panel on either Saturday August 9 or Sunday August 10, 2014 and should keep both these dates free.

Please refer to the SLSNZ Constitution for further details about the process of appointment and  election of Board Members.