Top action at Whangamata Classic

Posted by SLSNZ Media on Sunday, December 14, 2014

Over 650 athletes descended on Whangamata on Saturday for the annual Whangamata Classic and amongst them were some familiar names taking out the top titles.

Jointly hosted by Surf Life Saving Northern Region and SLSNZ Eastern Region, the carnival brought some of the country's best to compete, including a large number of High Performance athletes.

Following on from his success over at the Lifesaving World Championships in France, New Zealand team member Max Beattie took out the Open Men's Board Race, Open Men's Surf Race and Open Men's Iron/Diamond events. Piha's Kirsty Wannan also took a clean sweep in the same events in the Open Women's division.

New Zealand Youth Team member Olivia Eaton also had a successful day on the beach taking gold in the Open Women's Beach Sprint and the Open Women's Beach Flags.

On the water, Piha's Teneale Hatton won the Open Women's Ski Race and Orewa's Jack Wilson took out the Men's title.

In the team events, Paekakariki won gold in the Open Men's Taplin Relay with Piha Black taking the Women's division. The Orewa Thunder took out the Open Men's Surf Boat with the Muriwai Cats taking the Open Women's division and the Red Beach Sirens close behind in second. Karekare A took out the Open Men's Canoe Race while it was the Red Beach Rockin Reds that took out the Women's event.

This year saw a huge field being represented in the Under 16 and Under 19 age groups with many of the New Zealand Youth Team members taking out top three placings.

Overall, Mount Maunganui finished top of the club points table, followed by Red Beach, Piha, Orewa and Papamoa to round out the top five.

Full Results:

Ski Race
U16 Men: Ethan Moore (Paekakariki) 1, Dylan Williams (Mt Mauganui) 2, Scott Fairbairn (Mairangi Bay) 3
U16 Women: Samalulu Clifton (Muriwai) 1, Maia Bryant (Papamoa) 2, Brie Downey (Red Beach) 3
U19 Men: Taris Harker (Omanu) 1, Kurtis Imrie (Paekakariki) 2, Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 3
U19 Women: Briar McLeely (Red Beach) 1, Rebecca Cole (Fitzroy) 2, Jessica Gadsbey (Mt Mauganui) 3
Open Men: Jack Wilson (Orewa) 1, Andrew Newton (Mt Maunganui) 2, Daniel Peacocke (Red Beach) 3
Open Women: Teneale Hatton (Piha) 1, Rebecca Cole (Fitzroy) 2, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 3

Board Race
U16 Men: Daniel Barron (Mt Maunganui) 1, Mitch Cowdrey (Papamoa) 2, Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 3
U16 Women: Maia Bryant (Papamoa) 1, Lydia Farrell (Mt Mauganui) 2, Katie Trott (Paekakariki) 3
U19 Men: Perry Farrell (Mt Maunganui) 1, Scott Cowdrey (Papamoa) 2, Matthew Scott (Midway) 3
U19 Women: Adriana Bird (Mt Mauganui) 1, Jasmine Smith (Wainui) 2, Katie Wilson (Mt Maunganui 3
Open Men: Max Beattie (Omanu) 1, George Haynes (Waihi) 2, Andrew Newton (Mt Mauganui) 3
Open Women: Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 1, Jasmine Smith (Wainui) 2, Brita Camplin (Piha) 3

Surf Race
U16 Men: Lewis Clareburt (Lyall Bay) 1, Isaac Marchall (Mt Mauganui)2, Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 3
U16 Women: Natalie Walsh (Fitzroy) 1, Ella Drinnan (Orewa) 2, Katie Trott (Paekakariki) 3
U19 Men: Matthew Scott (Midway) 1, Mason Bryant (Papamoa) 2, Perry Farrell (Mt Mauganui) 3
U19 Women: Amy Barron (Mt Maunganui) 1, Hannah Williams (Piha) 2, Ariana Moffatt (Papamoa) 3
Open Men: Max Beattie (Omanu) 1, Jake Allen (Paekakariki) 2, Sean Newcombe (Piha) 3
Open Women: Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 1, Victoria Clark (Mairangi Bay) 2, Kelsi Boocock (Red Beach) 3

U16 Men: Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 1, Daniel Barron (Mt Maunganui) 2, Scott Fairbairn (Mairangi Bay) 3
U16 Women: Maia Bryant (Papamoa) 1, Katie Trott (Paekakariki) 2, Ella Drinnan (Orewa) 3
U19 Men: Mason Bryant (Papamoa) 1, Matthew Scott (Midway) 2, Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 3
U19 Women: Hannah Williams (Piha) 1, Katie Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Amy Barron (Mt Maunganui) 3
Open Men: Max Beattie (Omanu) 1, Jake Allen (Paekakariki) 2, Bjorn Battaerd (Whangamata) 3
Open Women: Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 1, Brita Camplin (Piha) 2, Teneale Hatton (Piha) 3

Beach Sprint
U16 Men: Ryan Gilmour (Piha) 1, Stefan Powney (Orewa) 2, Samuel Clarke (Piha ) 3
U16 Women: Sophie Twigley (Midway) 1, Annelise Lockie (Orewa) 2, Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 3
U19 Men: Javon McCallum (Fitzroy) 1, Mitchell Grant (Red Beach) 2, Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 2
U19 Women: Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 2, Madison Kidd (Papamoa) 3
Open Men: Sam Paterson (Mairangi Bay) 1, Vaughan Roberts (Mairangi Bay) 2, James Lloyd (Waihi) 3
Open Women: Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 2, Shamay King (Mt Maunganui) 3

Beach Flags
U16 Men: Stefan Powney (Orewa) 1, Ryan Gilmour (Piha) 2, Rowan Gjaltema (Red Beach) 3
U16 Women: Maisie Lundon Moore (Fitzroy) 1, Chelsea Grant (Red Beach) 2, Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 3
U19 Men: Lewis Gjaltema (Red Beach) 1, Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 2, Javon McCallum (Fitzroy) 3
U19 Women: Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Madison Kidd (Papamoa) 2, Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 3
Open Men: Morgan Foster (South Brighton) 1, Daniel Peacocke (Red Beach) 2, Alex Rippon (Piha) 3
Open Women: Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Shamay King (Mt Maunganui) 2, Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 3

Taplin Relay
U16 Men: Mt Maunganui A 1, Mt Maunganui B 2, Papamoa 3
U16 Women: Muriwai 1, Lyall Bay A 2, Mairangi Bay A 3
U19 Men: Omanu A 1, Mt Mauganui A 2, Fitzroy A 3
U19 Women: Mt Maunganui A 1, Mt Maunganui B 2, Piha Black 3
Open Men: Paekakariki 1, Piha Black 2, Waihi A 3
Open Women: Piha Black 1, Papamoa 2, Mt Maunganui A 3

Surf Boat (3 race series)
U19 Men: Whangamata 1, Waihi 2, Red beach Doom 3
U19 Women: Red Beach Blakeys Angels 1, Piha Peaches 2, Piha Princess 3
U23 Men: Orewa Outlaw 1, Red Beach Pirates 2, Omanu Puppies 3
U23 Women: Orewa Stars, Muriwai Minis 2, Muriwai Muscle 3
Open Men: Orewa Thunder 1, Red Beach Boomers 2, Omanu Crackins 3
Open Women: Muriwai Cats 1, Red Beach Sirens 2, Muriwai Muzzies 3

Canoe Race (3 race series)
U19 Men: Waihi 1, Red Beach Audreys Angels 2
U19 Female: Opotiki 1, Red Beach Antagonists 2, Ruakaka A 3
Open Men: Karekare A 1, Red Beach Flying Malyons 2, Red Beach Lion Red 3
Open Women: Red Beach Rockin Reds 1, United North Piha Canoodles 2, Red Beach Flying Herons 3


Overall Club Points:
1. Mt Maunganui 66
2. Red Beach 47
3. Piha 41
4. Orewa 28
5. Papamoa 25
6. Omanu 17
7. Muriwai 16
8. Fitzroy 15
9. Waihi 13
10. Mairangi Bay 13
11. Paekakariki 13
12. Midway 9
13. Waikanae 6
14. Whangamata 6
15. Lyall Bay 5
16. Opotiki 5
17. Karekare 5
18. Wainui 4
19. South Brighton 3
20. United North Piha 3
21. Ruakaka 1

Northern Region Only Points:
1. Red Beach 95
2. Piha 74
3. Orewa 50
4. Mairangi Bay 44
5. Muriwai 21
6. Karekare 5
7. Omaha 3
8. Ruakaka 3
9. Sunset Beach 3
10. United North Piha 3
11. Bethells Beach 1


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