SLSNZ Sport Memo 1 October 2013

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The following memo contains important information on a range of sport related matters.

Entries open to the 2013/14 Surf Boat Series

A significant change from previous seasons is that the events within the series will now be event managed by the clubs hosting the individual events themselves. However the overarching 'series' remains managed by Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

There are once again four events in this series:

Entries are now open for the series. The entry memo can be found here: Entries close at 5pm on 15 November 2013.

If you only wish to enter an individual event, please contact the Event Manager. Their details are provided at the end of the series entry memo:

Entries open to the BP Surf Rescue North Island Championships

Entries will be opening by the end of this week for the BP Surf Rescue North Island Championships being held from 7-8 December 2013 in Papamoa. The entry memo will be located here: Entries will close at 5pm on 24 November 2013.

Safety vests for Oceans 14 and NZ Surf Life Saving Championships

Recently our CEO, Paul Dalton, facilitated a survey and subsequent discussion with clubs regarding safety vest sponsorship. It was clear from this assessment that a majority of the responding clubs favour a shared sponsorship ownership model for safety vests. Specifically, they would prefer to have the opportunity to seek and display a club sponsor on safety vests at events. 

Accordingly, we have decided to modify our plan to prescribe the wearing of SLSNZ supplied safety vests at the Oceans 14 and 2014 NZ Surf Life Saving Championships events. Athletes will now be welcome to wear their clubs' own safety vests that meet the guidelines for safety vests (click here for a link to this document). But as previously communicated, SLSNZ will make vests available free of charge to any members participating in those two events who do not have club vests to wear.

Is your club planning on attending the Oceans 14 and/or 2014 NZ Surf Life Saving Championships and requires SLSNZ safety vests? If so, any indicative sizes and quantities of vests that you are able to send to Bradley Simpson by e-mail on or before 13 October would be much appreciated.

Over the coming months, SLSNZ will undertake work to determine clear technical specifications for club branded safety vests for the 2014/15 season and beyond. This will include the minimum coverage area of high visibility colour(s) and sponsorship space available. Until this work is completed, clubs should use the previously supplied 'guidelines for safety vests' document as a guideline (click here for a link to this document) if seeking to purchase vests and sell the space available to sponsors.

As SLSNZ has already sold the vest space to the BP Surf Rescue North Island, South Island and New Zealand Championships, we will still supply vests that all competitors must wear at these events.

Event referees and fees for the 2013/14 season

The Event Referees and event fees have all been confirmed for the 2013/14 season.

Notably, we will move to a flat fee for New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships. As we recognise this would be a significant increase to canoe and boat crews, for this season any athlete competing only in boats or only canoes is discounted $45 (resulting in a $200/crew fee, which is the same as NRCs).

The Event Referees and entry fees for nationally co-ordinated events will be:


NZ Pool Champs

NZ Surf Boat Series

BP Surf Rescue North Island Champs

Oceans 14

BP Surf Rescue South Island Champs

NZ Masters Surf Life Saving Champs

NZ Surf Life Saving Champs

BP Surf Rescue NZ Champs





Mount Maunganui


Whakatane (Ohope)

Whakatane (Ohope)


Entry fee









Event Referee

Johnny Clough

Wayne Franich

Johnny Clough

Mark Weatherall

Johnny Clough

Ross Merrett

Alistair Thorpe

Johnny Clough

^ This is the entry fee for the series; entry fees to individual events vary. See the series entry memo for individual event charges and Event Manager contact details.

% The amount per crew.

* Except athletes competing only in boats or only in canoes who will be discounted $45 each.

# The amount per team, per event entry.

Draft Surf Sport Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Following on from the 2012 review of "surf sports health and safety policy, practices and culture within SLSNZ," the following documents have been developed in draft form:

1.     Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures Manual
2.     Relevant policies
Both of these documents are now available here on our website. Feedback is welcome on them until 5pm on 1 November 2013.

Download the PDF memo here (pdf, 293kb)

Bradley Simpson
SLSNZ Sport Manager