Lee opens surf’s pool champs in style

Friday, 11 October 2013

World champion Samantha Lee opened surf lifesaving's New Zealand pool championships in style today, grabbing two golds and a bronze.

The Lyall Bay club member, part of the gold medal-winning New Zealand team at the world championships last year, stormed to victory in the 100m manikin carry with fins at Hamilton's Waterworld.

She was nearly 3secs faster than Papamoa's Natalie Peat, with Piha's Kirsty Wannan third.

Lee was pushed all the way in the 200m super lifesaver, however, just edging St Clair's Carina Doyle. Lee clocked 2:38.06 with Doyle just 0.57secs behind.

Lee's other medal came in the mixed 4x50m medley relay, won by Wannan's Piha team.

Wainui's Ben Quilter also picked up double gold on the opening day, taking out the men's 100m manikin carry with fins and the 50m swim with fins.

Titahi Bay's Steve Kent had to fight in the 200m super lifesaver, finishing in 2:19.44, with his London Olympics teammate Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (NPOB) close behind in 2:22.89. Jed Boxall, part of the visiting New South Wales development team, was third in 2:24.72.

Papamoa's Peat helped anchor the women's 4x50m medley relay to victory in a team that also featured a memorable leg from masters swimmer Naomi Davoren.

Papamoa also took a healthy lead in the overall club standings, ending the first day on 341.5 points, with Mt Maunganui (284), Mairangi Bay (161.5), Waikanae (111) and Red Beach (110) rounding out the top-five.

Open results


Super lifesaver: Samantha Lee (Lyall Bay) 2:38.06 1, Carina Doyle (St Clair) 2:38.63 2, Jess Miller (Mt Maunganui) 2:49.41 3.
100m manikin carry with fins: Samantha Lee (Lyall Bay) 1:03.50 1, Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 1:06.32 2, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 1:06.73 3.
50m swim with fins: Marina Macartney (Mairangi Bay) 23.39 1, Carina Doyle (St Clair) 24.20 2, Britta Carroll (Waikanae) 24.76 3.
4x50m medley relay: Papamoa (Helena Gasson, Natalie Peat, Naomi Davoren, Candra Hansen) 1:57.47 1, Sumner (Brittany Tucker, Felicity Lowen, Cassie Wright, Jonelle Quane) 1:57.59 2, New South Wales (Megan King, Alessandra Gasparotta, Danielle McMahon, Kendal Fitzgibbons) 2:13.07 3.


Super lifesaver: Steve Kent (Titahi Bay) 2:19.44 1, Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (NPOB) 2:22.89 2, Jed Boxall (New South Wales) 2:24.72 3.
100m manikin carry with fins: Ben Quilter (Wainui) 57.18 1, Ben Johnston (Papamoa) 58.38 2, Mason Pickering (Papamoa) 58.38 3.
50m swim with fins: Ben Quilter (Wainui) 21.11 1, Daniel Gregory-Campbell (Westshore) 21.62 2, Bjorn Battaerd (Whangamata) 22.43 3.
4x50m medley relay: Midway (Matthew Scott, Chris Dawson, Shaun Pahina, Cory Taylor) 1:45.03 1, New South Wales (Cooper Krenkels, Jack Ford, Daniel Cole, Tim Schofield) 1:45.90 2, Piha (Steve Ferguson, Stephan Talbot, Adam Walker, Nick Berry) 1:52.27 3.


4x50m medley relay: Piha (Lisa Blakemore, Sean Newcombe, Max White, Kirsty Wannan) 1:50.10 1, Mairangi Bay (Chris Stoner, Victoria Clark, Marina Macartney) 1:55.88 2, Lyall Bay (Natasha Hind, Samantha Lee, Grace Kingi, Finn Meredith) 2:05.79 3.

Club points (after day 1)

Papamoa 341.5, Mt Maunganui 284, Mairangi Bay 161.5, Waikanae 111, Red Beach 110, New South Wales 106, NPOB 102, Lyall Bay 99, Piha 90, Sumner 79.

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New Plymouth Old Boys swimmer Dylan Dunlop-Barrett on his way to silver in the men's super lifesaver.
Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media Services