High Performance Squads announced

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Duane Dalton, Convenor of Selectors for Surf Life Saving New Zealand is pleased to announce the following members have been selected for Surf Life Saving New Zealand World Championships Squad and Development Squad for 2013/14. Both squads are selected for a 12 month period.

Development Squad 2013/14

  • Kelsi Boocock, Red Beach SLSC
  • Ben Cochrane, Omanu SLSC
  • Rebecca Cole, Fitzroy SLSC
  • Daniel Gregory-Campbell, Westshore SLSC
  • Toby Harris, Wainui SLSC
  • Ben Johnston, Papamoa SLSC
  • Madison Kidd, Whangamata SLSC
  • Tyler Maxwell, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Jessica Miller, Mt Maunganui LGS
  • Scott Murfitt, NPOB SLSC
  • Dannielle O'Connor, Omanu SLSC
  • Caitlin Procter, Papamoa SLSC
  • Ollie Puddick, Wainui SLSC
  • Zac Quickenden, South Brighton SLSC
  • Ben Quilter, Wainui SLSC
  • Jessie Schneiders, St Clair SLSC
  • Matthew Scott, Midway SLSC
  • Sam Shergold, Mt Maunganui LGS
  • Jasmine Smith, Wainui SLSC
  • Andrew Trembath, St Clair SLSC
  • Brittany Tucker, Sumner SLSC
  • Hannah Williams, Red Beach SLSC
  • Kate Wilson, Mt Maunganui LGS

World Championships Squad 2013/14

  • Max Beattie, Omanu SLSC
  • Lisa Carrington, Mt Maunganui LGS
  • Nikki Cox, Westshore SLSC
  • Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Fitzroy SLSC
  • Chris Dawson, Midway SLSC
  • Carina Doyle, St Clair SLSC
  • Olivia Eaton, NPOB SLSC
  • Devon Halligan, Midway SLSC
  • Kodi Harman, Papamoa SLSC
  • Chanel Hickman, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Natasha Hind, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Steven Kent, Titahi Bay SLSC
  • Samantha Lee, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Nick Malcolm, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Andrew McMillan, St Clair SLSC
  • Chris Moors, Red Beach SLSC
  • Kevin Morrison, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Liam O'Loughlin, Taylors Mistake SLSC
  • Natalie Peat, Papamoa SLSC
  • Laura Quilter, Wainui SLSC
  • Samantha Richter, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Cory Taylor, Midway SLSC
  • Kirsty Wannan, Piha SLSC

Congratulations to all of the athletes that have been selected. The National Selectors reserve the right to add athletes to squads.