International Surf Rescue Challenge New Zealand team announced

Friday, 5 July 2013

Surf Life Saving New Zealand chairman Michael Bassett-Foss today announced the New Zealand team heading over to the 2013 International Surf Rescue Challenge in Onjuku, Japan.

The team of 12 athletes features New Zealand Iron Man champion Max Beattie and three 2012 Olympians including gold medallist kayaker Lisa Carrington and swimmers Natasha Hind and Andy McMillan.

Hind, McMillan and Beattie were all part of the Black Fins team who claimed the world life saving crown at Rescue 2012 in November last year.

Three other Black Fins team mates join them in the team named for Japan. They are world ski champion Devon Halligan, world beach flags champion Chanel Hickman and former New Zealand and Australian beach flag champion Paul Cracroft-Wilson.

Also named in the team is under 19 New Zealand Iron Woman champion Natalie Peat and Danielle McKenzie, who were both part of the inaugural Under 20 team who took part in Rescue 2012.

Completing the team line-up is New Zealand open men's board race champion Nick Malcolm, kayaker Liam O'Loughlin and the only Kiwi male to compete in the 2012/2013 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain event, Chris Moors.

The 2013 International Surf Rescue Challenge (ISRC) will be held in Onjuku, Japan from September 19-23.

New Zealand team coach Scott Bartlett says he is looking forward to taking on the other participating counties, especially the Australians, after the win at Rescue 2012. "We have a strong team here that includes both Olympians and world champions. They all have the experience, talent and an absolute determination to win once again," he says.

New Zealand will also be sending an Under 20s team to the competition in Japan. Like the Open team, the Under 20s features six male and six female athletes.

The New Zealand team will take part in team camp on the Gold Coast from July 24-28.

To keep up to date with the team's journey visit the High Performance Facebook page at or on Twitter @slsnzhp.


The ISRC is a competition between Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Great Britain and Japan. The ISRC originally started in 1939 as the Trans-Tasman Series between Australia and New Zealand. In 1999 South Africa joined the event and the Tri-Nations Challenge was formed. Since 2005 the event has grown to include six countries.

For more information about the 2013 International Surf Rescue Challenge click here. 

New Zealand Team:

  • Lisa Carrington, Mount Maunganui LS
  • Devon Halligan, Midway SLSC
  • Chanel Hickman, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Natalie Peat, Papamoa SLSC
  • Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Natasha Hind, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Andy McMillan, St Clair SLSC
  • Max Beattie, Omanu SLSC
  • Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Fitzroy SLSC
  • Nick Malcolm, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Chris Moors, Red Beach SLSC
  • Liam O'Loughlin, Taylors Mistake SLSC

Management Team:

  • Scott Bartlett, Coach
  • Mark Weatherall, Team Manager
  • Jason Pocock, Assistant Coach
  • Susan Pirret, Physio

Under 20 Team:

  • Ben Cochrane, Omanu SLSC
  • Ben Johnston, Papamoa SLSC
  • Andrew Trembath, St Clair SLSC
  • Jack Manners, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Jake Hurley, Red Beach SLSC
  • Daniel Hart, Papamoa SLSC
  • Katie Wilson, Mt Maunganui  LS
  • Jasmine Smith, Wainui SLSC
  • Karina Radley, Mt Maunganui LS
  • Jess Miller, Mt Maunganui LS
  • Olivia Eaton, Mt Maunganui LS
  • Carina Doyle, St Clair SLSC

Management Team:

  • Brent Wilson, Team Manager
  • Kurt Wilson, Coach
  • Jonelle Quane, Assistant Coach
  • Mike Ellis, Physio