Wilson picks up maiden surf lifesaving win

Monday, 14 January 2013

Mount Maunganui surf lifesaver Katie Wilson grabbed her first significant open win yesterday, taking out the ironwoman in the second round of the Sonic Surf Race series at Taranaki's Oakura Beach.

The 17-year-old over-powered a strong field at the event, which doubled as the Central Regional championships. She hung tough in the swim and board legs, before pouncing on the ski to head home round one winner Natalie Peat (Papamoa) and Mairangi Bay's Danielle McKenzie.

"I just felt really good in that race and everything just clicked," Wilson admitted. "I've looked up to Natalie and Danielle for a long time and I knew I'd have to pull something out in the ski leg, because Nat is an awesome swimmer and Danielle is so good on the Board. I was looking behind all the way around the cans in the ski and managed to pull down a runner and hold it to the beach."

Peat took out the surf race however, while McKenzie grabbed the board race and ski race titles, as the rivalry between the three impressive teenagers continues to blossom. Peat also grabbed the under-19 ironwoman title, while McKenzie won the under-19 board, ski and ironwoman titles.

Gisborne's Ollie Puddick continued his dominance of the men's division, a month after winning the ironman at the first round of the series in Whangamata. The 21-year-old Puddick, home from a stint on the Gold Coast, took home the surf race, board race, ski race and ironman titles in clean 1m surf.

He held off young Omanu star Ben Cochrane in the ironman, with Frenchman Julien Lalanne (Mount Maunganui) coming in third. Hamish Beattie (Ocean Beach Kiwi) and Lyall Bay's Tyler Maxwell picked up a second and third each in other races.

Taranaki's New Plymouth Old Boys were the supreme club overall, meanwhile, collecting 117 points, with Lyall Bay second on 53 and Papamoa third with 43.

The next round of the Sonic series is at the Eastern Regional championships at the end of the month, with nearly 800 athletes expected to compete in the Coromandel holiday spot.

Results from the Central Regional Championship at Oakura Beach, Taranaki, yesterday:


Open: Surf race: Oliver Puddick (Wainui) 1, Jake Allen (Paekakariki) 2, Ciaran Ryan (Lyall Bay) 3. Ski race: Oliver Puddick (Wainui) 1, Hamish Beattie (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 2, Tyler Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 3. Board race: Oliver Puddick (Wainui) 1, Tyler Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 2, Hamish Beattie (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3. Ironman: Oliver Puddick (Wainui) 1, Ben Cochrane (Omanu) 2, Julien Lalanne (Mt Maunganui) 3. Taplin:  New Plymouth Old Boys 1, Papamoa 2, Lyall Bay 3.

Under-19: Surf race: Mitchell Griffiths (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Patrick O'Shaughnessy (Westshore) 2, Mitchell Owen (New Plymouth Old Boys) 3. Ski: Teina Stacey (Lyall Bay) 1, Michael Smith (Mairangi Bay) 2, Andrew Callinicos (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3. Board: Daniel Hart (Papamoa) 1, Ben Johnston (Papamoa) 2, Ben Cochrane (Omanu) 3. Ironman: Daniel Hart (Papamoa) 1, Jack Manners (Lyall Bay) 2, Teina Stacey (Lyall Bay) 3.

Under-16: Surf race: Nico van der Wilt (Lyall Bay) 1, Talor Owen (New Plymouth Old Boys) 2, James Moore (Lyall Bay) 3. Ski: Kieran Kruger (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 1, Thomas Cole (Fitzroy) 2, James Moore (Lyall Bay) 3. Board: Mason Bryant (Papamoa) 1, Michael Watts (Fitzroy) 2, Samuel Pasley (Omanu) 3. Ironman: Mason Bryant (Papamoa) 1, Kieran Kruger (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 2, Talor Owen (New Plymouth Old Boys) 3.


Open: Surf race: Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 1, Kelsey Moffatt (Lyall Bay) 2, Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 3. Ski: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Sarah Wilson (Fitzroy) 2, Megan Beattie (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3. Board: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Katherine Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Ashley Cochrane (Omanu) 3. Ironman: Katherine Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 2, Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 3. Taplin:  New Plymouth Old Boys 1, Lyall Bay 2.

Under-19: Surf race: Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 1, Katherine Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Jerusa Lambert-Fahy (New Plymouth Old Bots) 3. Ski: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Sarah Wilson (Fitzroy) 2, Ashley Cochrane (Omanu) 3. Board: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Katherine Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, (Papamoa) 2, Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 3. Ironman: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Natalie Peat (Papamoa) 2, Katherine Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 3. 

Under-16: Surf race: Jenna Barrett (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Amy Barron (New Plymouth Old Boys) 2, Anna Plunkett (Worser Bay) 3. Ski: Tess Allen (Paekakariki) 1, Elizabeth Moore (Omanu) 2, Millie Johnston (South Brighton) 3. Board: Jessica Gadsbey (Omanu) 1, Amy Barron (New Plymouth Old Boys) 2, Cassie Wilson (Fitzroy) 3.

Diamond Lady. Amy Barron (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Millie Johnston (South Brighton) 2, Kate Nota (Lyall Bay) 3. 

Final points: New Plymouth Old Boys 117, Lyall Bay 53, Papamoa 43, Fitzroy 36, Paekakariki 35, East End 21, Omanu 21, Ocean Beach Kiwi 20, Mairangi Bay 19, Wainui 12.

700_JN_CRCs _Katie Wilson3

Mount Maunganui's Katie Wilson on her way to victory in the ironman at the Central Regional championships.  Photo by Jamie Nilsson