SLSNZ Sport Memo 28 August 2013

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This memo contains important information on three sport areas:

  1. Interprovincial competition for 2013/14 season
  2. Addition to Surf Sport Competition Manual: residency rule
  3. Competitive Surf Coach course 2013

Provincial competition 2013/14 season

A significant amount of work has been undertaken over the last three months exploring the possible structure and timing of an interprovincial competition to replace Surf League in the 2013/14 event calendar.  This work included recommendations from the National Sport Committee, and a working sub-group, which developed objectives and a proposed event format for the competition.

The proposed format for the competition was recently presented to local sport committees, and feedback was sought.

The result of this process has been that only four of the eight provinces indicated they would attend the event in the proposed format.

Feedback received from provinces included (see appendix of this memo for more detailed provincial feedback):

  • The cost of the competition on teams/athletes was too high to attend, and they had a lack of funding options available to them in their provinces to help offset this cost (it was proposed that the event had to be self-funding).
  • The timing of the event was not suitable for them (it was proposed to run the event on the Friday before the Eastern Regional Championships in order to leverage off the fixed costs of the ERC infrastructure).
  • The format of the competition was not attractive to them (it was proposed the format would be more aligned to that of the International Surf Rescue Challenge).
  • Concerns over the ability to find suitable team management personnel and establish selection policy in the time available given that SLSNZ staff would not be able to do this work.
  • Limited ability within their province to field a competitive team given the proposed team structure.
  • Dissatisfaction that the proposal would not allow teams to draft competitors.
  • Concerns around team logistics and that no SLSNZ staff involvement/assistance would be available beyond running the event on the day.

Given these responses, it is obvious that a lot more work will be required to devise an affordable format for the event that will be acceptable to the majority of athletes/provinces.  There is now not enough time to undertake this work before the 2013/14 season, so we have no choice but to inform local sport committees, clubs, and members that there will be no interprovincial competition for the 2013/14 season.

However, we would like to continue working with local sport committees, within scope of the Blue Sky Review, to address the feedback and further test event format ideas to see if something can be introduced for the 2014/15 season.  We firmly believe the concept has some real merit as an event competition, and a High Performance pathway for our athletes, but as it has to be an event that is self-funding, the format has to be something that clubs/athletes are willing to pay for.

Addition to Surf Sport Competition Manual: residency rule

The current Surf Sport Competition Manual (8th edition; V1), published in October 2012 contains no provisions for a residency rule. After endorsement by the National Sport Committee, the 'residency rule' will be added to the rule book as of 1 November 2013.

It reads:


Non New Zealand citizens who wish to compete for a New Zealand Club are required to provide proof of residing in New Zealand for a period of not less than thirty days immediately prior to the commencement of the competition in which they wish to enter.

Competitive Surf Coach course

Applications are open for active coaches wishing to complete the Competitive Surf Coach course. The course is tentatively scheduled for the Tauranga area from 2-3 November. This is the third level in the current coaching framework, and those coaches with the necessary pre-requisites are welcome to apply online: Click link here. Applications close at 5pm on 13 September 2013. 

Bradley Simpson
SLSNZ Sport Manager

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