SLSNZ launches slick new website

Monday, 29 April 2013

Fresh, simple and good-looking - Surf Life Saving New Zealand's new website has all that and more.

The new site has been launched today, thanks to generous support from the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, with the overall aim to make things easier to navigate for both clubbies and the general public wanting information about our great movement.
Though the web address is the same, users will immediately notice an aesthetically pleasing home page, which sets the scene for the rest of the structure.
"One of our biggest objectives for this website project was to keep our existing sites on sport and education and bring them together with our other core areas," SLSNZ Web and IT Manager Jamie Nilsson explains.  "We've created a one-stop shop for Surf Life Saving and now have thorough search tools and clear, easy navigation to make browsing the site easier for all different types of users."
Designed for a wide range of users, the news website is based on a sub-site structure with one visually pleasing homepage being the main point of entry.
There are then five sub-sites; organisation, lifeguarding, education, sport and club house. A snapshot and quick links to areas within each sub-site can be easily viewed from the homepage by using the drop down menu from the main navigation area.
A new improved search function can be found with the binoculars on the homepage. The tool searches all five sub-sites to bring you the best search results for your enquiries. 
The site has one overall newsroom that can be always accessed at, then depending on what sub-site you are in you may see filtered news for that area For example in the sport sub-site you will only see surf sport news articles.
The site calendar works similar to the newsroom where there is one overall calendar, each event in that calendar is tagged with an event type and that can be used for filtering. When you are accessing the calendar through the sport sub-site you only view all surf sport events with the ability to change this pre-set filter at any time. The overall calendar can be accessed at
Shortly the new calendar feature will soon be available to all clubs using our club website template, ready for the new season.
As this is an on-going project, new content and resources will be available as we work through this in the off-season. In the meantime if you have any feedback or you cannot find something you are after, please do not hesitate to contact Jamie Nilsson on 04 382 7211 or
Some key changes and helpful tips for you:

  • The new site has a Club House which will house all 'internal' type content - click here to have a look.
  • The PAM database link is on the bottom footer or can be easily accessed or bookmarked by using this address
  • All SLSNZ news is in a central newsroom which can be accessed at
  • All SLSNZ events (organisation, sport, development and junior surf events) is in a central calendar which can be accessed at
  • The Club House lounge has key links for all members (member news, surf rescue magazine, links to social media etc.) - click here to have a look.
  • Each room in the Club House sub-site is linked to a Facebook group where members can have discussions.
  • All member education (lifeguarding, sport and junior surf) is in one place here in the Education sub-site