Capital Coast Champs - postponed

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hi Everyone,

Given the weather that is meant to hit the North Island overnight, Capital Coast Champs will be POSTPONED.

The competition will now be split into two smaller ones to ensure that we can still run as many events as possible.  The schedule will now be as follows:

Sunday 4th March 

If the weather has not eased in time for the senior competition, team managers will be called by 9am.

Boat and Canoe - 11am start

Senior Competition (Reduced Programme) - 11am start

·         Board Race

·         Surf Race

·         Ski Race

·         Ironman/Diamond

·         Beach Sprints

·         Beach Flags

·         Board Rescue

·         Tube Rescue

Sunday 11th March

Junior Surf Competition - 9am start
Full nipper programme
IRBs - 2:30pm start

If you have any questions, please ask.


Liam McMaster