Gisborne win under-19 Surf League crown

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gisborne has taken the under-19 title at the Lion Foundation NZ Surf League in Mount Maunganui, holding off the hard-charging New South Wales team on the final day.

With five surf lifesaving athletes backing up in the open team, Gisborne's challenge was to preserve their healthy first-day lead, while ensuring their teenaged stars weren't overly taxed ahead of the afternoon racing.

In the end, they judge it to perfection, with Devon Halligan holding on grimly to fourth in the event-ending Dearlove relay to collect six points, finishing on 226 points overall.

New South Wales were second on 222, with defending champions Bay of Plenty staging a big revival to leap-frog Auckland into third on 207.  Auckland were the third New Zealand team on 195.

But the morning belonged to Gisborne, collecting wins in the beach relay, mixed ski relay, men's beach flags and Halligan's ironwoman victory.

Team captain Toby Harris also played a big part, bolting home in the beach sprint.

"The guys have been together and we've really worked hard at getting that teamwork and operating as one with the one team," Harris said. "We got second last year, which was good, but we wanted to go one better - this year was the year and the team spirit has been fantastic all weekend."

Cory Taylor continued his ironman dominance, winning his third race in as many starts, including a breakthrough one in the open division yesterday.

Defending champions Taranaki hold a narrow lead over Gisborne in the open division, although Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Hawke's Bay are all still well within striking distance.

V 2JTPIX_Gis U19

The Gisborne team celebrate their win.  PHOTO by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Journalism.

Under-19 results:

Beach Relay:

Gisborne, (Jamieson Gibson/Parks/Dan Willock/Chris Dawson/Toby Harris/Dylan Pahina/Jemma Torrie/Briar Wilkie/Britta Carroll) 1,  Bay of Plenty (Karina Radley/Jess Miller/Kathryn Stewart/Jordan Hills/Danny Kayes/Kirby Wheeler/Chad Wheeler/Michael Bryant) 2, Wellington (Seth Forbes/Thomas McCarthy/Jake Allen/Ryan Cox/Ryan Imrie/Jack Manners/Megan Blair/Karly Maxwell) 3, Canterbury (Georgia Dickson/Danielle Currie/Brittany Tucker/Jake Laughton/Fraser Smith/Andrew Trembath/Matthew Aplin Hayden Andrews) 4, Taranaki (Amy Barron/Sarah Wilson/Eloise Stevens/Scott Nelson/Jared Gray/Mitchell Owen/Adam Beavis/Matt Strange) 5, New South Wales (Alicia Bain/Bridget Little/Katie Williams/Ben Carberry/Blake Drysdale/Trent Klouzal/Jarrad Kucler/Laughlan Pritchard) 6, Otago (Jessie Schneiders/Angus MacKenzie/Hamish McCulloch/Jamie Mowat/Scott Fraser/Hamish Smith/Jessica Lacy/Katie Wilson) 7. 

Hawkes Bay (Sarah Karika/Megan Beattie/Cian Jefferson/Sam McNicol/Rhys Harman/Keith Christmas/Ben Johnston/Danielle O'Connor) Dq, Auckland (Emily Hodges/Dannielle McKenzie/Georgia Lloyd/Andrew Saunders/Jack Wilson/Daniel Cairns/Tom Clarke/Stephen Butt) Dq.

IRB Single Rescue: 

Taranaki (Amy Barron/Scott Nelson/Jared Gray) 1, Auckland (Emily Hodges/Tom Clarke/Stephen Butt) 2, Otago (Nathan Smith/Scott Fraser) 3, Bay of Plenty (Cara Ryan/Kirby Wheeler/Chad Wheeler) 4, Hawkes Bay (Sarah Karika/Rhys Harman/Keith Christmas) 5, Canterbury (Fraser Smith/Matthew Aplin/Hayden Andrews) 6, Gisborne (Jamieson Gibson Parks/Dan Willock/Briar Wilkie) 7, New South Wales (Katie Williams/Jarrad Kucler/Laughlan Pritchard) 8, Wellington (Seth Forbes/Ryan Imrie/Tayla Radovanovich) 9. 

Mixed Ski Relay: 

Gisborne (Cory Taylor/Devon Halligan) 1, Auckland (Dannielle McKenzie/Jack Wilson) 2, Canterbury (Danielle Currie/Zac Quickenden) 3, Hawkes Bay (Katie Moodie/Cian Jefferson) 4, Bay of Plenty (Katrina Radley/Sam Shergold) 5, Wellington (Jack Manners/Karly Maxwell) 6, New South Wales (Bridget Little/Ben Carberry) 7, Otago (Angus MacKenzie/Katie Wilson) 8, Taranaki (Sarah Nelson/Ben Nelson) 9. 

Surf Teams Race-Male: 

New South Wales (Trent Klouzal/Jack Moyes) 1, Wellington (Thomas McCarthy/Jake Allen) 2, Otago (Hamish McCulloch/Jamie Mowat) 3, Hawkes Bay (Patrick O'Shaughnessy/Ben Johnston) 4, Auckland (Sean Newcombe/Daniel Cairns) 5, Bay of Plenty (Danny Kayes/Michael Bryant) 6, Taranaki (Mitchell Owen/Adam Beavis) 7, Canterbury (Fraser Smith/Andrew Trembath) 8. Gisborne (Cory Taylor/Chris Dawson)  DNF. 

Surf Teams Race-Female: 

New South Wales (Bridget Little/Kirsty Waugh) 1, Gisborne (Devon Halligan/Britta Carroll) 2, Bay of Plenty (Cara Ryan/Jess Miller) 3, Auckland (Emma Wilson/Dannielle McKenzie) 4, Hawkes Bay (Megan Beattie/Danielle O'Connor) 5, Otago (Jessie Schneiders/Jordy Fogarty) 6, Wellington (Brooke Watt/Tayla Radovanovich) 7, Canterbury (Lucy Johnson/Brittany Tucker) 8, Taranaki (Namdokmai Northcott/Eilish Hurley) 9. 

Beach Flags-Male:  

Toby Harris (Gisborne) 1, Blake Drysdale (New South Wales) 2, Jordan Hills (Bay of Plenty) 3, Seth Forbes (Wellington) 4, Hamish Smith (Otago) 5, Matt Strange (Taranaki) 6, Jake Laughton (Canterbury) 7, Andrew Saunders (Auckland) 8, Tom Foley (Hawkes Bay) 9.  

Beach Flags-Female:  

Katie Williams (New South Wales) 1, Georgia Dickson (Canterbury) 2, Emily Hodges (Auckland) 3, Eloise Stevens (Taranaki) 4, Jessica Lacy (Otago) 5, Briar Wilkie (Gisborne) 6, Megan Blair (Wellington) 7, Karina Radley (Bay of Plenty) 8, Sarah Karika (Hawkes Bay) 9.  

Mixed Rescue Relay:  

New South Wales (Alicia Bain/Kirsty Waugh/Trent Klouzal/Jack Moyes) 1, Bay of Plenty (Cara Ryan/Jess Miller/Danny Kayes/Sam Shergold) 2, Gisborne (Chris Dawson/Dylan Pahina/Jemma Torrie/Britta Carroll) 3, Auckland (Emma Wilson/Georgia Lloyd/Sean Newcombe/Daniel Cairns) 4, Taranaki (Amy Barron/Eilish Hurley/Mitchell Owen/Adam Beavis) 5, Hawkes Bay (Megan Beattie/Cian Jefferson/Patrick O'Shaughnessy/Danielle O'Connor) 6, Wellington (Thomas McCarthy/Ryan Cox/Brooke Watt/ Tayla Radovanovich) 7, Canterbury (Lucy Johnson/Brittany Tucker/Zac Quickenden/Andrew Trembath) 8, Otago (Jessie Schneiders/Jordy Fogerty/Angus MacKenzie/Jamie Mowat) 9.  

Board Teams Race-Male:  

New South Wales (Ben Carberry/Jack Moyes) 1, Gisborne (Cory Taylor/Dylan Pahina) 2, Bay of Plenty (Sam Shergold/Michael Bryant) 3, Wellington (Jake Allen/Jack Manners) 4, Taranaki (Adam Beavis/Ben Nelson) 5, Auckland (Daniel Cairns/Stephen Butt) 6, Otago (Angus MacKenzie/Hamish/Hamish McCulloch) 7, Hawkes Bay: (Cian Jefferson/Ben Johnston) 8, Canterbury (Zac Quickenden/Andrew Trembath) 9.  

Board Teams Race-Female: 

New South Wales (Alicia Bain/Bridget Little) 1, Gisborne (Jemma Torrie/Devon Halligan) 2, Bay of Plenty (Kathryn Stewart/Jess Miller) 3, Auckland (Dannielle McKenzie/Georgia Lloyd) 4, Wellington (Brooke Watt/Karly Maxwell) 5, Hawkes Bay (Megan Beattie/Katie Moodie) 6, Canterbury (Danielle Currie/Lucy Johnson) 7, Otago (Jessie Schneiders/Katie Wilson) 8, Taranaki (Amy Barron/Sarah Wilson) 9.  

IRB Assembly:  

Taranaki (Amy Barron/Scott Nelson/Jared Gray) 1, Otago (Nathan Smith/Scott Fraser) 2, Auckland (Emily Hodges/Tom Clarke/Stephen Butt) 3, Bay of Plenty (Cara Ryan/Kirby Wheeler/Chad Wheeler) 4, Wellington (Seth Forbes/Ryan Imrie/Tayla Radovanovich) 5, Canterbury (Fraser Smith/Matthew Aplin/Hayden Andrews) 6, New South Wales (Katie Williams/Jarrad Kucler/Laughlan Pritchard) 7, Hawkes Bay (Sarah Karika/Rhys Harman/Keith Christmas) 8, Gisborne (Jamieson Gibson Parks/Dan Willock/Briar Wilkie) 9. 

Iron Woman:  

Devon Halligan (Gisborne) 1, Cara Ryan (Bay of Plenty) 2, Dannielle McKenzie (Auckland) 3, Danielle Currie (Canterbury) 4, Katie Wilson (Otago) 5, Alicia Bain (New South Wales) 6, Karly Maxwell (Wellington) 7, Katie Moodie (Hawkes Bay) 8, Sarah Wilson (Taranaki) 9.   

Iron Man: 

New South Wales (Trent Klouzal/Jack Moyes) 1, Wellington (Jake Allen/Ryan Cox) 2, Gisborne (Cory Taylor/Chris Dawson) 3, Taranaki (Ben Nelson/Matt Strange) 4, Canterbury (Fraser Smith/Zac Quickenden) 5, Auckland (Daniel Cairns/Tom Clarke) 6, Bay of Plenty (Danny Kayes/Michael Bryant) 7, Otago (Angus MacKenzie/Hamish McCulloch) 8.   

Beach Sprint-Male: 

Toby Harris (Gisborne) 1, Blake Drysdale (New South Wales) 2, Andrew Saunders (Auckland) 3, Jordan Hills (Bay of Plenty) 4, Seth Forbes (Wellington) 5, Tom Foley (Hawkes Bay) 6, Jake Laughton (Canterbury) 7, Hamish Smith (Otago) 8, Matt Strange (Taranaki) 9. 

Beach Sprint-Female: 

Katie Williams (New South Wales) 1, Jessica Lacy (Otago) 2, Sarah Karika (Hawkes Bay) 3, Georgia Dickson (Canterbury) 4, Karina Radley (Bay of Plenty) 5, Emily Hodges (Auckland) 6, Briar Wilkie (Gisborne) 7, Eloise Stevens (Taranaki) 8, Megan Blair (Wellington) 9.  

Dearlove Relay: 

New South Wales (Alicia Bain/Bridget Little/Katie Williams/Kirsty Waugh/Ben Carberry/Blake Drysdale/ Trent Klouzal/Jarrad Kucler/Jack Moyes/Laughlen Pritchard)  

Gisborne (Jamieson Gibson Parks/Dan Willock/Cory Taylor/Chris Dawson/Toby Harris/Dylan Fraser/Jemma Torrie/Briar Wilkie/Devon Halligan/Britta Carroll)  

Hawkes Bay (Sarah Karika/Megan Beattie/Kate Moodie/Cian Jefferson/Sam McNicol/ Patrick O'Shaughnessy/Rhys Harman/Keith Christmas/Ben Johnston/Danielle O'Connor) 

Bay of Plenty (Karina Radley/Cara Ryan/Jess Miller/Natalie Peat/Jordan Hills/Danny Kayes/Kirby Wheeler/Chad Wheeler/Sam Shergold/Michael Bryant)  

Taranaki (Namdokmai Northcott/Sarah Wilson/Ellish Hurley/Eloise Stevens/Scott Nelson/Jared Gray/Mitchell Owen/Adam Beavis/Ben Nelson/Seth Merret) 

Otago (Jessie Schneiders/Jordy Fogerty/Angus MacKenzie/Hamish McCulloch/Jamie Mowat/Niam Chronican/Scott Fraser/Hamish Smith/Jessica Lacy/Kathryn Stewart) 

Auckland (Emily Hodges/Emma Wilson/Dannielle McKenzie/Georgia Lloyd/Andrew Saunders/Sean Newcombe/Jack Wilson/Daniel Cairns/Tom Clarke/Stephen Butt) 

Wellington (Seth Forbes/Thomas McCarthy/Jake Allen/Ryan Cox/Ryan Imrie/Jack Manners/Megan Blair/Brooke Watt/ Tayla Radovanovich/Karly Maxwell) 

Canterbury (Georgia Dickson/Danielle Currie/Lucy Johnson/Brittany Tucker/Jake Laughton/Fraser Smith/Zac Quickenden/Andrew Trembath/Matthew Aplin Hayden Andrews)