Surf Lifeguard Award Instructors Toolbox

Instructor Fundamentals

SLA Instructor Resource


This content section outlines the health, safety, welfare and risk management expectations for all surf lifeguards.

SLA Instructor Resource – Prepare



This content section provides information that will assist surf lifeguards to be pro-active in fulfilling their key roles.

SLA Instructor Resource – Prevent


As members gain experience and knowledge of the environment in which they live, work and play, they will develop respect for it.

SLA Instructor Resource - Respect



This content section gives details on rescue equipment used by surf lifeguards and outlines the skills and knowledge they require to respond to rescue situations.

SLA Instructor Resource - Respond




The content information in this section covers CPR and basic first aid.

SLA Instructor Resource - Perform


St John CPR & AED Video - Click here
North American Rescue - How to use a CAT Tourniquet - Click here