Lifesaving Resources

Welcome to the Lifesaving Resources Toolbox.  This page houses all online resources and material to help develop you further as an instructor and to assist you with teaching our Lifeguarding education. 

Surf Lifeguard Award

Surf Lifeguard Award Training Manual (updated July 2019)
Surf Lifeguard Award Candidate Workbook (updated July 2019)
Surf Lifeguard Award Instructor Resources (updated November 2019)

St John CPR & AED on Adults Video - Click here
St John CPR on Adults Video - Click here



IRB Awards

IRB Training Manual (updated September 2020)
IRB Driver Workbook (updated September 2020)
IRB Instructor Resources (updated March 2020)
IRB Changes Elearning Sheet
IRB Return to Shore Protocol


RWC Awards

RWC Training Manual (updated September 2020)
RWC Workbook (updated September 2020)
RWC Instructor Resource (updated October 2020)
RWC Changes Elearning Sheet
RWC Daily Operations Log (pdf form)


Rock Training & Rescue Module

Rock Training & Rescue Training Manual (updated September 2019)
Rock Training & Rescue Instructor Resources (updated December 2019)

Board Rescue Module

Board Rescue Skills Sheet
Board Rescue Instructor Resource (updated February 2020)

Refreshers: Surf Lifeguard, Patrol Support and Powercraft (IRB & RWC)

Refresher Manual (updated September 2020)
SLA & PSA Refresher Sign Off Form (updated July 2020)
Powercraft Refresher Sign Off Form (updated July 2020)
Regional Endorsement Form (updated September 2020)

Other Resources:

Instructors Record Form (pdf)
Patrol Captains Report Form
Patient Report Form
Incident Report Form