Rock Training & Rescue Module

Course Overview

The Rock Training & Rescue Module (RTM) is the starting point for training lifeguards in rock activities and operations. The RTM gives Surf Lifeguards the knowledge and skill required to perform rock entries, exits and rescues.

Course Information 

Prerequisites: 14 years of age | Surf Lifeguard Award (Refreshed) | Current member of a SLS club 

Duration: Half-day (3-4 hours) 

Delivered by: Club members who hold their Rock Instructors Award

Who should complete it: Any lifeguards whose clubs are in close proximity to rocks and that regularly require them to perform rock rescues 

Candidate requirements

  • Attend Rock Training & Rescue Module training session with the club Rock Instructor 
  • Successfully complete all components of the practical examination 

Exam components

  • Identify equipment and safety considerations required 
  • Perform a Rock Entry
  • Perform a Rock Exit 
  • Conscious patient rescue 

Topics covered

  1. Safety Preparation 
  2. Equipment & PPE 
  3. Rock Entries 
  4. Rock Exits 
  5. Risk Management 
  6. Contingency Plans 


At the completion of the module candidates will be able to:

  1. List the necessary equipment required for rock swimming.
  2. Discuss safety considerations that should be made during rock activities.
  3. Explain the key technical points of performing successful rock entries and exits.
  4. Identify suitable entry and exit points.
  5. Successfully, safely and confidently perform a rock entry and exit.
  6. If caught off guard by the swell, take action to maintain their safety.
  7. Perform a conscious patient rock rescue.



To begin training for this module please contact your club Lifesaving Coordinator.



Rock Instructors Award

Those club members wishing to gain the SLSNZ Rock Instructors Award click here for more information.