Radio Communication Module

Course Overview

The Radio Communication Module is a self-enrolled online learning module available for any member who wants to develop a fundamental understanding of how surf lifesaving radio communications.

The module is open to any current member to enroll in to familiraise themselves with Surf Lifesaving radio operations.  This module also forms part of a suite of optional learner modules for members completing their Surf Lifeguard Award training.  

Once completed, the module will be loaded against an individual member’s award record. The Radio Communication Module is a prerequisite for Intermediate Lifeguard School, Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Drivers, National Lifeguard School, RWC Operators Award. 

Course Information 

Prerequisites: 13 years of age | Current member of a SLS club 

Duration: approx. 1 hour 

Delivered by: Online Module

Who should complete it: Any members wanting to upskill and familiarise themselves with SLSNZ radio operations. Any members completing their Surf Lifeguard Award training. 

Candidate requirements:  Successfully complete all components of the online module 

Topics covered

  1. Radio basics
  2. Radio transmissions
  3. Radio maintenance


At the completion of the module candidates will be able to:

  1. Know how surf lifesaving radios work and how they are used within Surf Lifesaving New Zealand
  2. Know the role of SurfCom and how to make contact with SurfCom
  3. Be able to make effect radio transmissions using appropriate radio etiquette
  4. Follow all incident procedures when communicating incidents and emergencies. 
  5. Be able to look after and maintain radios.  

To begin training for this module please follow the steps to self-enrol through the online learning portal here.