First Aid


Surf Life Saving New Zealand has developed a specific curriculum for first aid training to ensure that surf lifeguards on patrol are trained and equipped to deal with potentially life threatening situations. We have approved providers of this curriculum.

The Surf First Aid process is:



Note: This is not a standard workplace first aid course.

Unit standards: 6401, 6402, 6400
Pre-requisites: Current SLSNZ member, 14 years of age
Duration: Two days
Topics covered:  Click here for the full list of topics
Assessment:  Assessment occurs in accordance to NZQA requirements. Scenario assessments are included.


Unit standards: 29321
Pre-requisites: Current SLSNZ member, holds current ‘Surf First Aid’.
Duration:  3+ days
Topics covered:  Click here for the full list of topics
Assessment: Assessment occurs in accordance to NZQA requirements. Scenario assessments are included.


Pain relief module

Pre-requisites: Current SLSNZ member, 18 years of age, SLS Advanced Surf First Aid
Duration: 3 hours
Topics covered:

  • Identify when the use of Methoxyflurane (MOF) is justified
  • Contraindications in the use of MOF
  • How to administer MOF
  • Patient monitoring / side effects
  • Disposal of used MOF
  • Recording the use of MOF.


The highest level of First Aid must be refreshed every two years. The first aid certification expires two years from the date of first aid course completion, listed on the certificate.

The pain relief module can be refreshed at this same time and must occur every two years.

Click the following link to check out our First Aid Courses and other development courses available Calendar




When a member completes a first aid module that is not through an approved provider listed below, the surf first aid module must be completed. This includes a theory and practical component. Accredited assessors assess this practical assessment.


Surf Life Saving New Zealand has developed its own first aid curriculum which meets the needs of our Surf Lifeguards.  The accredited providers can be found in the Club Resource Document below. For more information or to discuss more about becoming an accredited provider please contact:  Belinda Slement, National Education Manager –