Board Rescue Module



Course Overview

The Board Rescue Module (BRM) has been designed to help Surf Lifeguards develop their rescue skills with a rescue board. The BRM covers both conscious and unconscious rescues with a rescue board.

The target audience for this qualification is Surf Lifeguards wishing to further their rescue capability.

Course Information 

Prerequisites: 14 years of age | Surf Lifeguard Award (Refreshed) | Current member of a SLS club  

Duration: Variable depending on competence and instruction structure 2-3 weeks

Delivered by: Club Instructors, Club Examiners or Patrol Captains 

Who should complete it: Anyone interested in furthering their rescue capability when on patrol  

Candidate requirements:

  • Attend training sessions with the club instructor
  • Successfully complete all components of the examination

Exam Components:

  • Conscious patient rescue
  • Unconscious patient rescue 


Topics covered

  1. Basic paddling skills 
  2. Rescue board surf skills 
  3. Board rescue for an unconscious patient 
  4. Board rescue for a conscious patient 



At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. Perform a board rescue for a conscious patient.
  2. Perform a board rescue for an unconscious patient.


To begin training for this qualification contact your club or local Club Development Officer.

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