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Junior Risk Assessment

Junior Surf Activity Card Template

Junior Surf Session Plan Template


Safeguarding Our Young People In Surf Lifesaving

Surf Life Saving New Zealand has the responsibility and commitment to safe guarding the welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people in our care and taking part in surf lifesaving activities. If you have a question or concern about a young person, please, feel comfortable and reach out to ask ”Are you OK?”

Click on the poster below to read more or contact:

Scott Weatherall – SLSNZ National Child Protection Officer 
M | 027 440 4700  E | scott.weatherall@surflifesaving.org.nz


Online Resources

There are loads of great resources available through Sport New Zealand and Regional Sports Trusts for ideas you can add to your programmes.  Check out some great links below:

Sport New Zealand

  • Kiwidex Manual - Fun, informal activities develop the basic movement skills used in sport and other physical activities.  They encourage kids to be spontaneous and creative, and give them the enthusiasm and confidence to move into sport and stay involved.
  • Developing Fundamental Movement SkillsThese Developing Fundamental Movement Skills resources use play and simple activities to get kids involved in games.

Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation

  • Good Sportsaims to create positive sporting experiences for Kiwi kids by supporting and educating the key adult influencers in children’s sport: parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders.
  • HERA, Everyday Goddess - Helping girls become more active.


Regional Sports Trusts