Junior Surf

Junior Surf is designed to nurture children’s confidence, deepen their understanding of beach and coastal environments, and enhance their skills in and around the water.

The programme is a key initiative of the surf lifesaving movement in New Zealand with the first recorded Junior Surf sessions taking place in 1968. The continuous success of Junior Surf since those early days is vital to the growth and sustainability of our clubs.

“Junior Surf the journey starts here”



Click here to download the Junior Surf Guiding Principles and Key Outcomes


"The benefits of participating in Junior Surf are huge, and even extend well beyond beach knowledge.  It enhances kids’ mental and physical well-being, hones their social skills, and encourages them to make friends.  It also positively impacts their families and communities, creating memorable experiences for both caregivers and their kids."  Belinda Slement, SLSNZ National Education Manager

"Early childhood experiences are critical to the development of the skills, attitudes and confidence required to become an active participant in sport and recreation in later life."

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