Instructors Award - Rescue Water Craft

Course Overview

The Instructors Award - RWC certifies that the holder has the advanced RWC skills and knowledge to be an Instructor. The qualification enables members to obtain relevant theory and practical skills about instruction and teaching to be utilised when training members.

Course Information 


  • Current member of a SLS club 
  • 22 years of age 
  • Rescue Water Craft Operators Award (refreshed) *
  • Hold all RWC Operator Award Prerequisites, current and refreshed. 
  • Refreshed Instructors Award - Surf Lifeguard or IRB **

* RWC Operators Award must be held for 12 months minimum, prior to beginning as a probationary RWC Instructor 
**  Exemptions for this may be considered on a case by case basis based on previous experience and qualifications. 

Duration: Variable depending on instruction time

Delivery: Trainee instructors must attend a minimum of three RWC Introductory courses as a "Probationary RWC Instructor".   

Who should complete it: Experienced RWC operators who want to get started as an instructor 

Candidate requirements

  • RWC Instructor Candidate attends a minimum of three Introductory Courses as a “Probationary RWC Instructor”
    - Attendance at first course (or more at discretion of lead instructor) as a mentor (mentor includes participating in the course with candidates and support them on a 1:1 basis, coaching and mentoring in a hands-on manner).
    - Attendance at second and subsequent courses, Probationary RWC Instructors are expected to facilitate sections of the Introductory Course.

  • RWC Instructor Sign off and Approval;
    - Probationary RWC Instructors are assessed by the lead Instructor (a qualified RWC Examiner) of the RWC Introductory Course, and the other attending Instructors (Qualified RWC Instructors or Examiners) against the instructor competencies.
  • Final sign off and Recommendation  of the RWC Instructors Award is carried out by the lead Instructor of the Introductory Course (must be a qualified RWC Examiner) 


At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. Prepare for lessons and implement lesson plans and sequences.
  2. Create a safe physical environment conducive to learning/training.
  3. Communicate with candidates.
  4. Identify and apply effective questioning techniques.
  5. Evaluate own instruction.
  6. Identify and apply learning styles and identify and reduce learning barriers.
  7. Prepare candidates for assessment.
  8. Identify the roles and responsibilities of an instructor.


RWC Instructor candidate registers interest and applies to Regional Lifesaving Manager & RWC Chief Examiner.

  1. Pre-requisites checked
  2. Club and Regional endorsement sought
  3. Area and regional instructor needs analysis completed by RWC Chief Examiner and Regional Lifesaving Manager.
  4. If approved, entered in to PAM as ‘Probationary Instructor’ before being eligible to attend first introductory course as a probationary instructor