Examiners Award - RWC

Course Overview

The Examiners Award - RWC certifies that the holder is capable of conducting appropriate and fair RWC examinations. The qualification allows members to obtain relevant theory and practical skills to enable them to examine at a consistent standard.

The Examiners Award covers three main areas, preparing for assessment, conducting assessment and completing assessment administration.

Course Information 


  • All pre-requisites as per RWC Operator Award, current and refreshed
  • RWC Operator Award, current and refreshed
  • Refreshed RWC Instructor Award*
  • Instruct a minimum of two induction courses as a qualified RWC instructor prior to application.

*RWC Instructor qualification must be held for 12 months prior to applying to be a probationary examiner. Case by case exceptions to pre-requisites are considered for relevant previous experience and qualifications by the National Education Manager.

Duration: Variable 

Delivered by: Chief Examiner 

Who should complete it: Anyone interested in becoming an examiner 

Candidate requirements:

  1. Candidates must first be signed off as a probationary examiner by the Chief Examiner and National Education Manager, on the required form before they are approved to complete this award.
  2. RWC Probationary Examiner candidates attends a minimum of two (2) RWC examinations as a “Probationary RWC Examiner”.
  3. Probationary Examiners must facilitate all aspects of the RWC examination prior to gaining the RWC Examiner Award.
  4. RWC Lead Examiner Sign off and Approval
  5. Probationary RWC Examiners are assessed by the lead Examiner at each examination attended in consultation with other attending RWC Examiners against the following demonstrated competencies.
  6. Final signoff and the Recommendation of the RWC Examiner Award is carried out by the Chief RWC Examiner.

Topics Covered

  1. Preparing your Candidates for the Examination
  2. The SLSNZ Education System 
  3. Prepare for Examination
  4. Conduct Assessment 
  5. Complete Assessment Administration 
  6. Evaluation 


Examiner consistently demonstrates and advocates for ‘RWC best practice’

  • Compliance with marine legislation (Marine Transport Act & local by-laws)
  • Examiner consistently demonstrates compliance with SLSNZ regulations, including and not limited to the SLSNZ Examiner and assessor code of conduct.

Application Process

  1. RWC Instructor completes Probationary Examiner Application form and sends to SLSNZ Member Education team
  2. Pre-requisites checked'
  3. Club and Regional endorsement is sought
  4. Area, regional and national examiner needs analysis completed by RWC Chief Examiner and Regional Lifesaving Manager and National Education Manager.
  5. If approved, entered in to PAM as ‘Probationary Examiner’ before being eligible to attend first exam as a probationary examiner.

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Further Information:

Belinda Slement, National Education Manager
027 2334014 belinda.slement@surflifeaving.org.nz

Damian Molloy,  RWC National Chief Examiner