Examiners Award - IRB

Course Overview

The Examiners Award - IRB certifies that the holder is capable of conducting appropriate and fair IRB examinations. The qualification allows members to obtain relevant theory and practical skills to enable them to examine at a consistent standard.

The Examiners Award covers three main areas, preparing for assessment, conducting assessment and completing assessment administration.

Course Information 


  • Current member of a SLS club 
  • 18 years of age
  • Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed) 
  • Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Driver (refreshed) 
  • Instructors Award - IRB (refreshed)

Duration: Variable 

Delivered by: Chief Examiner 

Who should complete it: Anyone interested in becoming an examiner 

Candidate requirements: Candidates must first be signed off as a probationary examiner by the Chief Examiner on the required form before they are approved to complete this award. The candidate must serve a probationary period as a provisional examiner under the direction of a Chief Examiner. One approved, candidate must fill out the examiner's workbook and control one exam task and be examined against the criteria on the probationary examiner's record. 

Topics Covered

  1. Preparing your Candidates for the Examination
  2. The SLSNZ Education System 
  3. Prepare for Examination
  4. Conduct Assessment 
  5. Complete Assessment Administration 
  6. Evaluation 


At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. Assess candidate performance

Probationary Examiners Application Form

To download this application form click here