Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate

Course Overview

The Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate is designed to give Surf Lifeguards the knowledge and skill needed to be able to use a VHF radio while on patrol including emergency situations. It is a legal requirement for members to have this qualification to use a marine VHF radio.

The Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate is a pre requisite for the Senior Lifeguard Award - Patrol Captain and the Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Driver.

Course Information 

Pre requistes

14 years of age | Current member of a SLS club |

Surf Lifeguard Award (Refreshed) or Patrol Support


3 hours

Delivered by

Regional facilitators

Who should complete it

Anyone intending on using a marine VHF radio

Candidate requirements

Complete a home study guide for the Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate
Fully participate in the course and successfully complete the assessment

Topics covered

1. General radio operations

2. Distress, urgency and safety


At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. Use a marine radio in an emergency situation

To begin training for this qualification contact your club or local Club Development Officer.