Board Rescue Module

Course Overview

The Board Rescue Module (BRM) has been designed to help Surf Lifeguards develop their rescue skills with a rescue board. The BRM covers both conscious and unconscious rescues with a rescue board.

The target audience for this qualification are Surf Lifeguards wishing to further their rescue capability.

Course Information 

Pre requistes

14 years of age
Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed)
Current member of a SLS club


Variable depending on competence and instruction structure 2-3 weeks

Delivered by

Club instructors, Club Examiners or Ppatrol Captains

Who should complete it

Anyone interested in furthering their rescue capability when on patrol

Candidate requirements

Attend training sessions with the club instructor
Successfully complete all components of the examination

Exam Components

Conscious patient rescue Unconscious patient rescue


Topics covered

1. Basic paddling skills

2. Rescue board surf skills

3. Board rescue for an
unconscious patient

4. Board rescue for a conscious patient



At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. Perform a board rescue for a conscious patient
  2. Perform a board rescue for an unconscious patient

To begin training for this qualification contact your club or local Club Development Officer.

Board Rescue Module Resources

Board Rescue Skills Sheet 
Board Rescue Instructor Resource