Patrol Support

If you love the idea of being actively involved in patrolling our beaches but are not confident in the water, or have yet to develop the water and swimming skills required to be a Surf Lifeguard . . . take a look at our volunteer patrol support role. They’re the ones in blue.

Our volunteer patrol support crew do exactly that – they support our lifeguards on patrol whether it is driving the land rescue vehicles for younger lifeguards, helping with surveillance, performing first aid, managing the radio, coordinating patrol rosters – anything that can help our lifeguards on patrol without entering the water.

Patrol Support is a great way to help and to ease your way to becoming a full volunteer Surf Lifeguard or if that’s not your aim, it’s a meaningful way to actively support our lifeguards on patrol.

You need to be a member of one of our clubs to take up volunteering as a patrol support person and gain the associated qualifications. Find your nearest club and they’ll help answer questions you may have and take you through the training programme they offer at their club.  For the full Patrol Support course information click here...

Find a Surf Club and get involved today...

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Patrol Support Course

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