Tolaga Bay SLSC

Tolaga Bay SLSC - Cap

Club Details

Kelly Blackman
021 713011



Furneaux Street
Tolaga Bay


PO Box 85
Tolaga Bay 4046

Club Overview

Our Club - Tolaga Bay Surf Life Saving Club is also known as Uawa Tiaki Tai which in a broad sense means that we are the guardians of the waterways that surround Tolaga Bay. Tolaga Bay Surf LIfe Saving Club - Uawa Tiaki Tai has been experiencing steady growth over the past 5 years and continues to do so. Dedicated members of the Uawa-Tolaga Bay Community are working voluntarily to maintain and grow the club into an environmentally conscious hub of watersports and other positive activities within the Uawa – Tolaga Bay Community. Tolaga Bay Surf Life Saving Club - Uawa Tiaki Tai is working alongside local schools, health organisations and other community groups to achieve better health and social outcomes for our babies, school aged children and families.
2014, 2017 & 2019 Gisborne Awards of Excellence - Patrol Club of the Year
2014 Gisborne Awards of Excellence - Club of the Year
2016 SLSNZ Awards of Excellence - London Trophy (highest number of surf lifeguard awards gained as a ratio of membership)

Patrol Hours

Tolaga Bay will be patrolled by Surf Lifeguards every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays from 1pm to 5pm between 27 November 2021 until 30 January 2022. Week day patrols from 10am to 6pm start from 22 December 2021 until 7 January 2022.