How to Join Surf Life Saving New Zealand and a New Zealand Club

Joining Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) is a one time only registration and there is no subscription fee. Every year a member must renew their membership by contacting their Club and paying the Club annual subscription fee (see more details about Club subscription fees here).

First off you need to select the Surf Life Saving Club you wish to join. This may be the Club closest to you, a Club where your friends and your family are members or purely just because you spend your summer months at this beach. Find a Club by searching here -

Once you have decided what Club you would like to join, complete the online membership application form. Make sure you read the membership declaration and agree before proceeding. Please note: A membership form for someone under 18 year olds must be filled in by a parent or guardian. Anyone over 18 years must fill in your own form.

Once this has been submitted, you will receive an email notification when your application for membership has been accepted by your chosen Club.

Frequently asked questions

What membership type do you choose?

There are two types of membership that are allocated on PAM: Active and Associate. These should not be confused with sport competition categories (Open, U19, U16, U14), which can be used by clubs to define membership subsets.

What is an Active membership?

An active memberships is a 'full' membership of your club; the people who are actively involved.

Most people who are involved with your club will be Active members, regardless of age. Active members are entitled to vote at club meetings (through a parent if under 18).

What is an Associate membership?

Associate members have the same rights as Active members, except they do not have the right to vote. Most people who are not Active members, but have an interest in the club (such as parents, social and honorary members), will be Associate members.

This might be for social purposes, or might be because the member lives away from their Primary Club for part of the year and wants to be involved with Surf Life Saving in both locations (as a student for example).

What is a Primary membership?

If a member only has a single club membership, this will be their Primary membership. If a member has more than one club relationship they can still only have one Primary membership, and subsequent ones will be Associate memberships. Their Primary Club is the only one they can compete for. Generally, the Primary membership will stay with the club the member joined first, unless the member requests a transfer.

Membership types do not confer competition rights to compete for the club in question; only primary membership does this. 

How much is a Club Membership subscription

Club Membership subscriptions vary from Club to Club. Contact the Club directly or have a look on the Club website. Club contact details are available at Generally, membership subscriptions have to be paid before you become a current renewed member of the Club.


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