Surf to School

Where do these sessions take place? Surf to School is based at your school. We can set up in a classroom, school hall or on the school field if the weather allows. If you have a school pool available a practical component can also be added to the programme.

What do we need for Surf to School? The lifeguards bring all the resources to you for the Surf to School programme. If you are participating in the 90 minute (with pool) programme students will need the following:

  • Togs & towel
  • Sunblock - SPF 30+

What does the programme cost? The Surf to School programme cost is between $5 - $8 per child. When you make a booking enquiry we will send you information and the cost for the day.

How do we pay for Surf to School? We will invoice the school on completion of the programme. Your invoice will be for the total number of students who have participated in the programme.

How many bookings can you take in one day? We can do five theory sessions or three theory and pool sessions into one day. Session times will be determined by your school operating hours and the time of your school breaks. We can take syndicate and school bookings over a couple of days.

Is there a minimum booking number? Yes. In order to cover our costs we need at least a class size to attend. This is approximately 30 students however the Auckland area may vary.

What if I need to cancel my Surf to School booking? If you wish to cancel your booking entirely then you must give at least three weeks' notice. If a cancellation is made within three weeks of your proposed booking date you will be invoiced 50% of the total bill. If your booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the booking date you will be invoice 100% of the total bill.