Q & A

What does BP Leaders for Life mean?
BP Leaders for Life is the overarching name given to Leadership Education within Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

How is BP Leaders for Life funded? Will I have to pay for anything?
As with most member education, there is a user pays charge. This amount of $400 will be invoiced to your club, the club will then have the option of paying for it, or asking the user to pay.

How do I get involved?
Click here to find out more information about applying for this years programme

Thinking about applying?

Can I apply to be a part of a programme even if I've already participated in an SLSNZ leadership programme in the past?
Yes, there have been changes to the way the programme is run and how it is delivered. 

When does BP Leaders for Life start and how long does it go for?
Our next programme starts in July 2019 July and runs for 11 months.

Can I do the programme with friends?
People you are friends with may also apply, but there is no guarantee that they will be on the programme with you. You will definitely make a great deal of new friends and contacts through BP Leaders for Life

Are there age restrictions?
Yes, you must be between 20-35 years-old. 

How do I nominate someone for the BP Leaders for Life?
If you have an individual in your area you think would benefit from being involved in the programme, discuss the opportunity with them and your local regional staff. It is essential they are interested in being involved, keen to participate and motivated to learn. The member will then go through an application process.

Can SLSNZ staff be a part of BP Leaders for Life?