SLSNZ Surf Sports Hall of Fame

Surf Sports Hall of Fame

The SLSNZ Hall of Fame was established in 1990 with fifteen people inducted.  Second and third inductions were completed in 1995 and 2007 respectively.  Prior to 2006 the objective of the Surf Life Saving Hall of Fame was to recognize exemplary contributions to Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

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The objective of the Surf Sports Hall of Fame post 2006 is that:

'The SLSNZ Hall of Fame is to acknowledge outstanding competitive performances by members of our organisation so that their achievements in surf sport are not forgotten and can inspire future generations'.

While there are many variables associated with looking to compare competitive performance between athletes and in different disciplines the role of the Hall of Fame Committee is to apply best endeavors to develop consistency and relativity to ensure credibility from one induction to the next.

Because Surf Sport covers a wide range of events and disciplines it is anticipated that for an individual or team to be nominated for the Hall of Fame they will have met the threshold of "outstanding competitive performance" in the 'Open/Premier' divisions of Championships or events held. i.e. age group competitors are unlikely to be recognized in this Hall of Fame.

2015 nomination time frames for the era of 1991 to 2010:

  • Nominations open Friday 18th September 2015
  • Nominations close Friday 8th April 2016
  • Nominations are to be completed using the nomination form and be sent to SLSNZ, CEO, Paul Dalton.  e., p.  (04) 560 0335

Surf Sports Hall of Fame Documents:

There have been three inductions into the Hall of Fame:

10 April 1992
22 September 1995
15 September 2007

Newell (Toby) St Clair Berge*
Jack C Blakeley, MBE*
Muriel G Brown MBE*
Pat Ellison MBE
H J Ken Farey OBE*
Ian G Ferguson MBE
H Duke Gillies MBE*
W V (Bill) Griffin, QSM*
Reginald N Harker
Murray J Haxton QSM*
Geoff Le Cren
J Allen Lee MNZM*
Ken W Mitchell*
Daryl Neate
F G (Paddy) Ryan QSO*
Geoff Walker* 

Hugh Cooper*
Peter W Fitzsimmons OBE
Ieuan John Honnor OBE
Alan Thompson 

Jenny Abrahamson [nee Clark]
Christopher W Billing
Jo Clark*
Rex Dalton
John Jarvis*