Using the SLSNZ Website

The SLSNZ website was rebuilt in April 2013. 

Available website help documents

Website Overview

Below is overall main structure of the SLSNZ website for the full drill down visit the online sitemap at

  • Homepage
    • SLSNZ Search
    • SLSNZ Newsroom
    • SLSNZ Calendar
    • Organisation sections include: About us, Partners, Board Reports, Support Us, Find a Club, Calendar, News and Contact Us
    • Lifeguarding -  sections include: Become a Lifeguard, Patrolled Beaches, Lifeguarding Education, Calendar, Event Safety, Rescue of the Month
    • Education sections include: Public Education, School Education, Member Education, Recourses.
    • Sport -  sections include: About Use, News, Events, Calendar, High Performance, Results, Officials, Coaching
    • Club House - mainly for internal content,  sections include: News, Boardroom, Gear Shed, Tower, Office, Lounge, IRB Shed, Training Room, Trophies, Help

Key features of the website

  • The header comprises links to the sub-sites - they have detailed dropdown navigations upon hover. The drop down includes the sections within the sub-site and a small description of what you will find under that area. This will limit the number of clicks a user will have to get to where they are trying to go.
  • Links at the top to key social media, Find a Beach and Support Us.
  • The search function is represented with a pair of binoculars, upon hover a search tool appears. This search will show a list of the most popular searches (these need to be updated/changed at any time). The search also includes quick access to the Find a Beach search. Note: the search will search all 5 sub-sites. The search results that appear have icons to distinguish what they are.
  • The footer is used as popular links and pathways to the various sub-sites
  • The sections are broken down into key areas with an external and internal audience in mind with the Club House and Club Admin being the key places for members to go.
The newsroom

The newsroom is managed centrally and then filtered to the specific areas:

  • The main newsroom - has all the news articles -
  • The organisation newsroom - has all the news articles
  • The sport newsroom - only sport news articles
  • The club house newsroom - has all the news articles
The calendar

The calendar is managed centrally and then filtered to the specific areas:

  • The main calendar - has all the events  -
  • The organisation calendar - has only events marked organisation (meetings, celebrations etc).
  • The sport calendar - has all sport events  
  • The club house newsroom - has all events