Women In Life Saving Group - Terms of Reference - April 2020

  1. Purpose of the Women in Life Saving Group

The purpose of this group is to provide high level strategic input and feedback to help guide SLSNZ to achieve success in engaging with and increasing participation of women and girls in all aspects of life saving. 

  1. Foundation Understandings

Collectively, members have identified the importance of establishing baseline evidence to understand the current state and any participatory gaps relating to women and girls in life saving.  Individually, members have contributed or are able to contribute to enhancing the experiences of women and girls within their respective roles, involvement and/or organisations. Members have expressed their wish to work collaboratively to enhance opportunities for women and girls while considering their diverse experiences across life saving activities. Members recognise the value that fellow members bring to the table which this group will seek to leverage for the collective good of all women and girls in life saving and to maximise impact.  

  1. Short Term Objectives:
  • To establish baseline data and participatory gaps for women and girls.
  • To identify and consider all current programmes and offerings available to women and girls.
  • To determine recommendations in order to address any organisational and participatory gaps for women and girls.
  • To identify areas of congestion within the broader organisation (including nationally, regionally and club) and work towards collaboration and complementary work which extends the reach and impact of any recommendations.
  • To establish a repository which makes relevant content available for wider use and consideration across the organisation.
  1. Long Term Objectives:
  • To initiate conversations across the organisation which increase the awareness of the importance of diversity as a means to increasing perspectives and opportunities for all members.
  • To collaborate on the development and implementation of women and girls focussed initiatives.
  • To identify a process for the group to have a collective voice in response to matters relating to women and girls in life saving.
  1. Membership:

Initially, the collective comprises members representing the following areas of life saving: lifeguarding, education, sport, paid staff, volunteer members.  It is intended that additional members may join this group over time. External speakers may be invited to meetings with a view to hear different perspectives and initiate conversations.

Members of this collective are encouraged to:

  • Share ideas for collaboration and deliver value to the collective which may include: IP, contacts, resources
  • Maintain focus on the collective’s agreed purpose, and objectives
  • Champion the collective within and outside of life saving.
  • Respond to required actions in a timely fashion.
  • Communicate openly, honestly and fully, to maximise the information available for the group to use to further advance the collective.
  • To bring any arising matter, deemed important to focus areas, to the attention of the collective.
  1. Meetings:
  • Will be held as a minimum of once a month based on an agreed plan.
  • Members will attempt to attend meetings.
  • There is no requirement for a quorum as there is no intention for the group to be a binding decision-making group. Any decisions are to be made by group consensus.  Meetings will be held with regard for the availability of members for the group to have a useful number of contributors.
  • Meeting minutes will be confirmed by meeting attendees.
  • The Chair will be appointed by the group members.
  • If required, subgroup meetings will be arranged at a convenient time for members.
  1. Group Processes

The Chair will be responsible for managing meeting process and any reporting and recommendations to SLSNZ. 

  1. Amendments

Any amendments to the Terms of Reference require agreement form the Women in Life Saving Group.

The founding members of the Women in Life Saving Project Group are:

Simone Spencer (Chairwoman)
Dani Shepherd ­­­
Debbie Hutchings
Emma Sutherland
Jess Cleland
Julia Conway
Kate Suter
Marilyn Moffatt
Natalie Peat
Nicole Harris
Phoebe Havill
Talia Comp
Tanya Hamilton
Tara Coe
Terina Raureti