National Standard Operating Procedures

National Standard Operating Procedures (NSOPs)

After a comprehensive review, in September 2020 the 'Patrol Operations Manual (POM)' was replaced by National Standard Operating Procedures (NSOPs) and Club/Service Operating Procedures (CSOPs).

NSOPs, set out national minimum standards & CSOPs provide important club specific information, and procedures that are unique to the club or patrol location. Combined they assist lifesaving services in the management and safe delivery of their operations as a capable rescue organisation.

Attention to the NSOPs and CSOPs should ensure that all volunteer and/or paid roles are informed of all operational expectations.

SLSNZ Lifesaving Policies together with NSOPs, CSOPs & SLSNZ Training Manuals are the resources which give clubs & services structure and guidance to conduct training and patrols effectively.

Club/Service Standard Operating Procedures (CSOPs)

CSOPs provide important club specific information, and procedures that are unique to the club building, environment and scope of operations. CSOPs are an extension of the NSOPs and detail further localised procedural information set out by the club.  Every lifeguard, member or volunteer undertaking club duties e.g. driving an ATV, filing a fuel bladder, should be familiar with the content of the CSOPs for the duty they are undertaking. CSOPs can be found in the club’s operations toolbox or in the club patrol tower.

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Below is the ‘Document Library’ that contains all current NSOPs, please note they are electronically controlled documents and the most current version is always here. You can either download the complete NSOP Booklet or individual NSOPs as required below. Click below for the full NSOP Manual.

National Standard Operating Procedures - Oct 2020

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Methoxyflurane is a prescription medication given under SLSNZ Medical Directors standing order, meaning that careful documentation is not only best practice, it is a legal requirement. 

As such, we require appropriately qualified Surf Lifeguards and Patrol Support Members who may need to administer Methoxyflurane while on duty as a Surf Lifeguard to complete an annual application. 

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