Outward Bound Scholarships

What is Outward Bound?

Outward Bound is an adventure-based experience located in Anakiwa, Marlborough Sounds, that uses the outdoors to challenge participants mentally and physically. People from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, abilities and ages attend Outward Bound. 

The aim of Outward Bound is to build relationships with community organisations whose mission aligns with that of Outward Bound, and to support them in helping their community; Outward Bound's mission being "better people, better communities, better world".

All Outward Bound courses are designed on these principles:

  • Learning through Experience - learn by doing! Learn more about yourself and others from challenge, success and failure, self reflection and feedback. All activities are designed to promote learning that can be transferred to home and work.
  • Adventure and Challenge - Courses are based on real adventure. You will have experiences that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. We will push your limits and help you conquer your fears!
  • Physical Activities in the Outdoors - All activities involve situations where there are real consequences. Highly skilled instructors deliver courses, which will include activities such as: Sailing, Kayaking, High ropes, Rock climbing, Solo experience, Tramping, Physical training. You don't need previous outdoors experience to participate.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment - Clearly maintained boundaries which ensure physical and emotional safety. Supportive relationships and culture. 
Outward Bound (Kayak)

Outward Bound Scholarships

Outward Bound has places on the following courses:

Classic - click here for more information.
  • Ages 18-26 years
  • 21 days
  • Scholarship is valued up to 75% of course cost
  • Dates:   
    3rd -23rd June 2020
    1st -21st July 2020
    29th June - 18th Aug 2020
    27th Aug - 16th Sep 2020

Additional Courses:

Masters: - click here for more information.

  • Ages 27 years +
  • 21 days
  • Scholarship is valued up to 75% of course cost
  • Dates:
    3rd - 23rd June 2020

Discovery: - click here for more information.

  • Ages 27 - 45 years
  • 8 days
  • Scholarship is valued up to 75% of course cost
  • Dates:
    17th - 24th May

Discovery Masters: - click here for more information. 

  • Ages 40 years +
  • 8 days
  • Scholarship is valued up to 75% of course cost
  • Dates:
    17th - 24th May
Outward Bound (Tramp)


  • SLSNZ volunteers and staff are both eligible to apply.
  • You must be a current SLS member.
  • Only current NZ citizens or permanent residents can apply.
  • Previous Outward Bound attendees are excluded from the scholarship.
  • A high majority of the course fees are funded by Outward Bound; however the scholarship recipient will be required to contribute the costs as per the above course to Outward Bound.
  • All travel arrangements (and costs) to and from the course will be met by the individual (all of the courses start and finish in Picton).
  • Any medical clearance related costs will be met by the individual.
  • Course dates are subject to change.
  • Confirmation of enrolment is subject to approval from the participant's doctor and Outward Bound.  This is to ensure the safety of the participant, the safety of others, and quality course outcomes for all.
Outward Bound (Nightscene)

If you are interested in attending any of the courses above please:

  1. Download and complete the enrolment form here.
  2. Email the completed enrolment form and club endorsement to member.education@surflifesaving.org.nz. 

Further information

Brad O'Leary, National Member Education Manager

021 517 161 | brad.oleary@surflifesaving.org.nz

For more information about Outward Bound click here.