Etrainu - Learning Management System (LMS)


This this year we are transitioning from our current ‘Sport Tutor’ Online Learning System to a new ‘etrainu’ Learning Management System (LMS).

This project is a process of evolution, some aspects might change as we evaluate what works best for us, so the content on this page will be updated over time to keep you up to date.


Set up and Build:




Transfer from ‘Sport Tutor’ to NEW ‘etrainu’ system:

   June 2022

Training on using the new system:

   June 2022 onwards


   1 July 2022 GO LIVE


Important Notes:

  • All online refreshers will close on 30 May 2022 (instead of the usual 30 June)
  • There will be no access to any courses in the Online Learning Portal from 31 May to 30 June 2022 (this includes ALL online learning, i.e. refreshers, pre-learning etc.)

Key Changes

Key access changes etrainu_Table-1-1.jpg
  • For our learners:
    • A slightly similar but new look and feel
    • The ability to self-enrol in more courses (as pre-requisites can now be checked at enrolment)
    • The ability to book yourself into practical assessments (that has been set up by SLSNZ or your club; assessor or examiner)
  • For our instructors/facilitators:
    • Your local SLSNZ support staff will have more access and therefore will be able to provide full information on pre-learning completed (if applicable to your course)
    • Attendance at relevant courses can be signed off online
  • For our examiner/assessors:
    • A new assessor App you can use to sign off on
    • The ability to pre-create assessment events and add learners to the event for sign off (so rather than seeing EVERYONE, you will only see those who are to be assessed)
  • For admins:
    • Clubs can choose who will be considered “club admins” in the Online Learning system
    • Club admins will have MORE reports available to them
  • For the future:
    • Sharing content/resources with SLSA as we use the same Learning Management System.
    • External access (not through our Member Portal) for example, for other emergency service organisation members (i.e. SAR) or schools
  • General:
    • Learner completion “pass” data will be transferred to the CRM “in real time” and will no longer take overnight
    • Users with “additional” roles (like admin, assessors etc.) in the Online Learning system are automatically created from the CRM
    • Full helpdesk support from the supplier
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The NEW ONLINE LEARNING SYSTEM will provide the following benefits:

  • A more user friendly system
  • Comprehensive integration with our existing systems (like the CRM), which will mean less manual changes, enhanced automation, faster processing and increased accuracy.
  • Greater customisation to give key club roles (i.e. club chairs, club admins etc.) better access to more reporting functions
  • An ‘event management’ app that assessors/examiners can use to sign off practical assessments & instructors/facilitators can use to sign off face to face training attendance; learners will also be able to ‘book’ their own assessment events with an assessor
  • Gives members greater ownership of their own learning
  • Less errors (caused through manual processes/changes)

What won’t change:

  • Single Sign on through our member portal (the way members access their learning will stay the same)
  • All the current online courses will still be available from day 1 of the new LMS