bp Leaders For Life

"BP Leaders for Life" is the Surf Life Saving New Zealand leadership programme. 

The BP Leaders for Life programme emphasises the development of leaders at a local level who are skilled at working collaboratively with, and through, others to build and sustain Surf Life Saving in New Zealand.  This programme is part of a national strategy to support a wide range of leadership development activity for members right across the Surf Life Saving community. 


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What is BP Leaders for Life?

The purpose of the BP Leaders for Life is to enhance the ability of current and emerging leaders within the Surf Life Saving community to make a real difference to their clubs and across the wider organisation. In our environment, we know that leaders are effective when they are collaborative in their approach, are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and have a strong desire to improve.

The overall objectives of the programmes are;

  • Capable leaders at all levels.
  • Leaders satisfaction.
  • Sustainable organisation.
  • Enhance connection and collegiality between leaders.
  • Provide a safe environment for developing leaders to examine their current leadership approach.
  • Provide focused development in key areas.
  • Make a difference to Surf Lifesaving.
  • Leading improvement and change
  • Working with, and through others. 

These objectives are delivered via our Leadership Competency Framework

Leadership Framework

“The essence of good leadership development is enabling people to recognize their strengths and develop them fully.”

Programme philosophy:

  • Strength based - builds on existing strengths and the application of those strengths to be effective.
  • Tailored - informed by both individual aspirations and requirements of the leadership role.
  • Personal responsibility - leaders take responsibility for their own learning and application of that learning.
  • Accessible - leadership support is available when it is needed.
  • Development support -  adult learning principles; 'learn - do - reflect'

Benefits & outcomes for the individual:

  • Expanded awareness of your leadership strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Increased ability to communicate in an effective and compelling manner.
  • Greater understanding of how to build trust and be influential.
  • Improved ability to engage and mobilise others.
  • Deeper understanding of how to build constructive relationship and lead change.
  • Team leadership personal profiler (Self refection tool) - Completed by Team Management Services NZ
  • Increased understanding and connection to the wider Surf Life Saving community.
  • Learning through Experience - learn by doing! Learn more about yourself and others from challenge, success and failure, self reflection and feedback.
  • During the programme we have a series of high profile guest speakers who will be speaking about their leadership experiences, leading for impact and leading for change.

Benefits for the club:

  • Enhanced leadership capability within current and emerging club leaders.
  • Improved leader retention within the club.
  • Increased likelihood of the club achieving its development goals.
  • Increased connection across clubs and regions.

2020 BP Leaders for Life Project Presentations

The 2020 BP Leaders for Life group tackled some big questions in Surf Life Saving and presented a range of ideas on important topics that are current effecting Surf Life Saving and Clubs around the country.

Presentation from the 2020 group were:

  • Diversity in Surf Life Saving
  • Critical Incident Recovery
  • Sustainable Surf Life Saving
  • Junior Surf Lifeguard Programme
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