Junior Surf Advisory Group

Junior Surf Advisory Group

As part of the 2020 Junior Surf Programme Review we are looking to strengthen the focus on the future of our junior members' journey. 

The Junior Surf Advisory group has a range of members from across the country to cater for all the needs of our membership. We received a lot of high-quality applicants from all regions which made the selection process very difficult. Part of our selection process was ensuring we had a good spread of varied skills, knowledge and experience. 

Our successful applicants are:

  • Isaac Davies, Southern Region
  • Rhys Speirs, Central Region
  • Sophie Davies, Central Region
  • Robynne Caubsau, Eastern Region
  • Grant Mitchell, Eastern Region
  • Joanne Hobson, Northern Region
  • Madeleine Taylor, Central Region
  • Mark Lodder, Southern Region

Junior Surf Advisory Group Expressions of Interest (Memo) - 16 July, 2020. Issued by Shelley Morris (Education Development Officer)