Level Two

Level Two includes detailed health and safety operational and management content. This level is for those individuals who have responsibility for risk assessments alongside the implementation of SLS operational services and/or direct management of lifeguards, volunteers and others in Level One. Level Two requires an understanding of Level One, as well as an operational understanding of risk assessment procedures and practices, basic legislative requirements and management responsibilities. 

Level Two Target Audience

Deputy/Vice Patrol Captains, Instructors, Coaches including Nipper Coaches, Level 2 Surf Officials.

Level Two Resources & Content

Those who sit in Level Two of the Health and Safety Management System need to have an understanding of the following content:

  • The SAFER Model
  • Risk Assessment in Practice
  • General Risk Assessment Procedures 
  • General Risk Assessment Template - .pdf / .docx
  • Patient Report Forms
  • Some operational Club/Service Operational Procedures (CSOPs) - refer to your club/service.
  • Some operational National Operational Procedures (NSOPs)

The SAFER Model

At the heart of our Health and Safety Management System is our SAFER approach to risk management. SAFER helps guide and reinforce the fundamental concept of risk management, which even our youngest lifeguards should be familiar with and be able to implement for regular lifeguard tasks and duties.

SAFER is an easy to remember approach to identifying hazards and risks and encourages users to consider control measures to fix the problem in order to prevent harm to people. Risk management and assessment, are essential components of what we do as lifeguards. Understanding, remembering and utilising a SAFER approach to risk management is an important first step to providing for your safety as well as the safety of others.

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