Health & Safety Management System

The Health and Safety Management System is a tool used to outline the different levels of health and safety within Surf Life Saving New Zealand. While all operational members of Surf Life Saving are accountable to aspects of health and safety in different environments, the degree of understanding is varied - very few are expected to know it all.

This model should assist with the development of understanding of what health and safety content needs to be known by individuals at each level, as well as who makes up each group of people based on the SLS awards they hold and/or roles they are in.

Level One

For those that DO work in the front line roles.

  • Level 1 Surf Officials
  • Volunteers 
  • Patrol Support
  • Lifeguard Award
  • Board Rescue Module


Level Two

For those that MANAGE workers as the first line managers or in supervisory roles to those in Level One.

  • Level 2 Surf Officials
  • Deputy/Vice Patrol Captains
  • Senior Lifeguards
  • Assistant Coaches (Sport & Lifeguarding)
  • Rock Training Module 


Level Three

For those that LEAD or manage SLS services, operational personnel, or contractors.

  • Level 3 Surf Officials
  • Patrol Captains
  • Instructors
  • Examiners
  • Facilitators
  • Rescue Water Craft Operators
  • Advanced Lifeguards