Otago Combined Junior Surf Fun Day



The intro and fun day is just that, an introduction to surf sport, fun activities and some coaching on the more challenging parts of surf sport.  This is a great opportunity to meet people from the other clubs and to learn from recent U14’s who have become lifeguards.  This event is open to junior clubbies from U8 to U14. 

9am – Meet on the beach.  Safety briefing (Use of Site Docs for coaches)

Activities may include; non-elimination flags, Mixed (parent x 1, u14’s x3) relay, flipper race, board flags, world wave (one way swim race), treasure hunt, Board skills, u14 – u10 swim, Jetski and IRB rescue demonstration, and eating sausages.


This year's pre-requisite (things to do before coming) Choose two of Room tidy, Dishes load/unload, leaf sweep, car wash (help) or another designated task from adult (Major sponsors). Then pack – wetsuit, hi-vis top, flippers, goggles, a water bottle, some snacks, towel, and some warm clothes for after.