Hawkes Bay Advanced Surf First Aid Refresher and Pain Relief Module


Advanced Surf First Aid Refresher and Pain Relief Module

Unit Standard: 29321

Prerequisites: Current SLSNZ member, holds current ‘Advanced Surf First Aid’

Duration: 1 day

Note: During this course, ‘Surf First Aid’ is refreshed
Description: This 1 day course refines all of the skills already learnt in Surf First Aid plus
extends the lifeguard in their knowledge of drowning physiology, circum-rescue collapse, and
assessment of non-fatal drowning, scene management, advanced monitoring (Pulse oximetry,
blood glucose, and chest auscultation) and triage.

Pain Relief Module - Must be 18 years of age or over to attend this part of the course

Description: The training in the use of Methoxyflurane (MOF) will include the effective use of
Paracetamol as a total pain management regime. It will involve some pain physiology, use of
pain relief with other resources such as splints and Oxygen.


Please contact your Club admin to register for this course or email sarnia.brewer@surflifesaving.org.nz