HB IRB Development Weekend # 1



The purpose of this development weekend is to provide local IRB development opportunities aimed at those who are at introductory to learning to drive, to further their knowledge, experience and skills.

To provide an opportunity for new/trainee IRB Drivers to:

  1. Gain further driving hours under experienced instruction
  2. Improve skills with the assistance of experience instructors and examiners.
  3. Enhance local instructional skill bases.

Registrations for this course are to be done through your club. 

What to bring along:

  • Full Wetsuit
  • Jacket
  • Lunch and snacks 
  • Water Bottle
  • Towels
  • Warm dry clothes that can get oil on them 
  • Any medication which you require
  • Workbook for Driver Candidates

Clubs will also need to provide their own equipment for their candidates, this includes but not limited to: IRB Hull, Engine, Fuel, Tools, and Fuel Bladder etc. Clubs will also be asked to provide IRB instructors.

Please register your interest via your Clubs before the 22nd October 2022.