Canterbury - Pre Season #1 - Quail Island Classic


The race will start from Naval Point Club with competitors racing to Quail Island, where they will beach
their craft and run the track around the circumference of Quail Island. Following the run, they will get
back on their craft and paddle back to Naval Point Club.
An alternate course is also available where they will paddle around a buoy on the Naval Point side of
the Island and paddle back.

  • Competitors can race on SLS boards, SLS skis, SLS Double Skis, Ocean
    Skis, SLS Canoes, SLS Boats or Waka Ama.
  • Open to U15, U17, U19, Open and Masters Competitors
  • Requirements, you must be a current member of a SLS Club with a refreshed lifeguard award.


Registrations will be done via EnterNOW

Contact your club to be entered!


For more information, check out the event flyer (IN PROGRESS)